Cyber Monday, sleep innovations + AMERISLEEP!

Hi Mikew096,

If the mattress matches the criteria that I listed in terms of quality/value and you know the details of all the layers then I would consider it in terms of it’s “value” yes. this means knowing the details of every layer (including foam density) and knowing that it used CertiPur certified materials or at the very least that the materials were made in North America. This would give you the ability to make better and more meaningful comparisons with other mattresses that used similar materials.

If these criteria were met … then the next most important thing would be your confidence that the mattress fit your needs and preferences. To know this you would be dependent on the knowledge and experience of the person selling the mattress and their ability to “match” you to one of their mattresses.

Without this … then you would have to actually order the mattress and use it in person to know how well it worked for you in which case the options you had available for returning the mattress and/or all the costs involved would play a significant role in whether I considered it. I would want to make sure I knew exactly what every cost would be if I decided to return it so that you had some idea of the risk involved in rolling the dice on an unknown mattress that may not be what you need and prefer.

Specifically …

Doesn’t list the specs of the support layer and doesn’t say anything about CertiPur (and the memory foam is manufactured in China so this would be important to me). You can see more comments about the Abbyson here.

Uses 4 lb memory foam (mid quality) and doesn’t disclose any information about the other layers.

Uses 2.5 lb to 4 lb memory foam and very cheap 1.4 and 1.5 lb base foam. No indication about the source of the foam or any certification. I wouldn’t consider this because of their use of low quality materials.

Comfort Dreams is a trademark of Foamex/FXI which is an American foam producer so CertiPur certification wouldn’t be as important to me in this case but the quality of the materials still needs to be known to make any reasonable assessments of quality/value and the indications are very strong that they use some low quality materials.

The Overstock return policy here also says that their mattresses are non returnable once you have signed for delivery (even if it is damaged) so you would be taking a very large risk in terms of knowing whether the mattress was suitable for you unless you were very confident in the skills and ability of the person you were talking to when you ordered. In my experience this type of experience and knowledge is rare to non-existent at Overstock.

No matter what the quality or value of a mattress may be (from super premium to the very “cheapest” available) … if you haven’t tested it and it turns out that it isn’t suitable for your needs and preferences … then it would have little value to you and any price you paid would have been too much IMO.