Cyber Monday, sleep innovations + AMERISLEEP!

Hello! I am new to the forum as you can see. I have read some really great information on here and wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

  1. Are there any good cyber monday deals on memory foam mattresses right now?

  2. Any suggestions on good memory foam mattresses for around $600 (queen)? I am not looking for anything too firm or too plush. Maybe something right in the middle :slight_smile:

I was about to pull the trigger on a Sleep Innovations queen (which is only $400 on Amazon right now!) but held off after reading some posts on this site. Does anyone here have experience with these mattresses? All of the reviews on Amazon seemed pretty good but I always like to do additional research before purchasing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


Edit- found this cyber monday deal at Amerisleep. $300 off any mattress plus free pillows. Does anyone have any experiences or insights on this company?

I was thinking about purchasing the Americana…

Hi Mikew096,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

I don’t keep track of sales for the most part mainly because the better manufacturers don’t need to use them to sell good quality and value mattresses and sell at a “regular” price every day of the year. It would also be an overwhelming job to keep up to date on sale prices that just change their name. Better retailers and manufacturers tend to sell at the same prices every day of the year with some sales with smaller discounts on occasion for legitimate reasons. Most sales in the mattress industry are “fake” and based on inflated prices. I treat them more as a warning sign than as a benefit … at least for the most part.

Post #1 here has a step by step process that will greatly increase your odds of finding the best possible quality and value mattress available to you locally that will fit your specific needs and preferences. If for some reason there is little available to you locally that has the kind of quality and value that you want … then the greater risk of an online purchase that you can’t test first can make sense. some of the better choices for online memory foam mattresses are listed in post 12 here.

With any mattress purchase … the only way to know the quality, durability, and relative value of a mattress is to work with a manufacturer or retailer that will give you the details of all the layers in a mattress you are considering so you can make meaningful comparisons with other similar mattresses. Who you buy from and their knowledge, experience, and ability to “fit” you to a mattresses based on your body type, sleeping position, and other preferences can be even more important than what you buy. You can’t “feel” quality in a mattress and low quality and higher quality materials can feel and perform the same in the short term. On the3other hand … even the highest quality mattress may be completely unsuitable for your specific needs and preferences. Being armed with some information about how to tell good quality from bad and having some sense of the type of mattress that may work best for you or that you are most interested in trying is always a good idea before you begin testing mattresses.

As with any mattress … knowing the quality of the materials is the only way to know the quality/value. I would not consider any mattress that used 3 lb memory foam unless you were using it for a guest bed or were planning to use it for the short term only. I would also want to know the density of the base foam.

As a general guideline …

Comfort/Pressure relief is what you feel when you first lie on a mattress. This is mostly about the comfort layers.

Support/Spinal alignment is what you feel when you wake up in the morning (either with or without back pain). This is mostly about the firmness of the support layers in combination with the thickness of the comfort layers and how well the layering matches your body type and sleeping positions.

durability/quality is what you will feel a year or more down the road and can only be determined by knowing the quality of the materials in the mattress. Lower quality materials will soften and degrade faster and the loss of comfort and support isn’t covered by any warranty.

The guidelines I would use to make meaningful comparisons between memory foam mattresses are in post #10 here.


Thanks for the info Phoenix. That definitely helps.

I am currently looking at the Amerisleep Americana and the Aerus from Sams club. The good thing about the Aerus is that I can just take it back to sams if I have do not like it. The thing that worries me is that it only comes with a 5 year warranty…

Sams link:

I am not familiar with the Amerisleep and couldnt find much info on them here. Anyone have any insight on either of these two?

FYI this is the response I got from the Amerisleep rep when I asked about the difference between the two. I am still trying to justify spending the extra $300 :silly:

The biggest difference is the foam construction. Amerisleep’s BioPur™ material is a proprietary foam formula incorporating 100% natural plant-based oils, replacing a significant portion of the petro-chemicals that are present in all visco-elastic foam mattresses. BioPur™ offers extreme open cell technology and is temperature neutral. due to its extreme open cell technology is the most breathable memory foam mattresses on the market due to its very open cell architecture to help you sleep cooler and more comfortable. In independent tests, Amerisleep was shown to dissipate heat 10X faster and permit 8X greater airflow compared to the leading brand.

The mattress you showed me is made in China with an inferior low density foam. Similar to the egg crate foam found in car seats. It’ll break down and lose its ability to retain shape. You’ll wake up hot and the harmful offgassing is a danger to your health.

Me: It says that it is made in the U.S.A on there
I’m not sure how they’re able to sell their beds at that price and I seriuosly doubt the veracity of their claims.

i’m not too sure what to believe :frowning:

If someone has experience with amerisleep I would definitely appreciate some insight. Their sale is ending in two hours. Thanks again Phoenix!

Hi Mikew096,

On a whim I thought I would check the shipping weight of the 4 lb Aerus mattress at Sams Club because I was curious about the quality/density of the base foam they used (and I would want to know this even though the price of the mattress would make a lower density base foam more “acceptable”).

So I calculated the weight of the memory foam layer which is 33.3 lbs (queen)
The shipping weight of the mattress is 44.6 lbs
That means that the polyfoam base would weigh 11.3 lbs.
Since 7" in a queen is 19.4 cu ft that would mean that the base foam was 11.3/19.4= .6 lbs/cu ft which of course isn’t possible.

The twin size produces a similar result.

Using 3 lb memory foam it still only produces a base layer of 1.2 lb density (which is extremely low for a base layer).

Something isn’t adding up here and either the shipping weight or the listed specs of the mattress.

With the 12" mattress … using the numbers for 4 lb memory foam the base layers work out to just under 1.5 lbs which is about what you would expect for a mattress in this price range.

Warranties are mostly meaningless and have little connection to how long a mattress will last. the quality of the materials in a mattress are a much more important indicator of the relative useful life of a mattress. Even low quality foam will soften so you can feel like you are sleeping in a valley when you are on the mattress but when you are off the mattress the foam comes back close enough to level that it is still within the warranty exclusion so only a very small percentage of warranty claims are actually accepted. Most warranties are mostly about protecting a manufacturer from warranty claims than protecting a consumer from materials that soften or degrade too quickly. They are also used to justify higher prices in a mattress because manufacturers are well aware that consumers believe that a longer warranty indicates a more durable and higher quality mattress and are willing to pay more for it regardless of the quality of the materials. The biggest reason that most mattresses need to be replaced is because of the loss of comfort or support which are not covered by warranties.

Amerisleep is part of the same family of companies as Astrabeds and Simplyrest.

Polyfoam and memory foam uses two main chemicals in its manufacturing which are a polyol and an isocyanate. Both of these are petrochemical based. Many of the so called “plant based foams” or “biofoams” or the other names that are used as “greenwashing” have replaced a percentage of the petrochemical polyols with a substitute that is made from chemically altered plant oils such as soy. The percentage of the polyols that are replaced are usually less than 20%. While this means that they are using a more renewable resource as a source of their chemicals … they are not green or anything remotely close to natural and they aren’t even biodegradeable. They are basically just polyfoam.

While I haven’t talked directly with Amerisleep, you can see an example of a conversation I had with Astrabeds in post #3 here, they aren’t exactly known for getting their facts straight.

Having said all that … I would put them in the “better than average” value category but not in the best value category and their customer service and knowledge levels leaves something to be desired IMO. I would personally rather deal with more knowledgeable sources that provide better customer service and more accurate information.

When marketing information or mattress sales leave you with a sense of urgency … it’s a big warning sign IMO. They have “sales” all the time and the “cyber monday” sale is not a lot better than the discount they had on Veterans day or probably other times of the year. Good value from better manufacturers is available 365 days a year and it’s not worth getting caught up in “fake sales” that are used to create a false sense of urgency which at best are only a little better than sales at any other time of the year and still aren’t the best quality/value available to you anyway.


Yeah I just looked on Amerisleeps website and they extended their sale another two days. Suprise Suprise :silly:

I am planning to visit Mapplewood Custom Bedding, Verlo, and stlbeds here in St. Louis. I hope they can find something within my budget…

Any other recommondations for the St. Louis Area?

Thanks again Phoenix for all of your help!

Hi Mikew096,

As you say … surprise surprise. Of course the “pre-christmas” sale along with the “last minute shopper” sale is still to come :slight_smile:

Some of the better options or possibilities I’m aware of (some of which you’ve found already) in the St Louis area are listed in post #6 here.

Keep in mind that these are not “recommendations” but possibilities that will still need some further research and information about the layers in their mattresses on a “mattress by mattress” basis but there are some good memory foam possibilities among the choices in the list.


So I checked out Verlo and was very impressed with their mattresses and knowledge. They do not have any locations in Memphis (where I am moving to) so I am thinking about just purchasing one online unless anyone has a recommendation on where to look. I want to have one delivered on the day of my move so I don’t have to sleep on an air mattress :slight_smile:

I am strongly considering ultimate dreams and have found some very appealing options on Does anyone have knowledge/experience with any of the following?

Hi Mikes096,

I think the guidelines in post #10 here about memory foam mattresses may help you assess the overstock mattresses you listed.

Almost all of these mattresses include 3 lb memory foam in layers more than an inch thick which for me would exclude them from consideration.

I would also question the ability of the staff at overstock to help you make an appropriate choice for your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences because for them the goal is to sell you a mattress rather than “fit” you to the most suitable choice. IMO … the “value” of the knowledge and experience of the merchant that sells you the mattress is part of a mattress purchase and without this then you are really just rolling the dice in terms of knowing how suitable a mattress may be for your specific needs and preferences. In cases like this … the return policy of the merchant may be the most important factor to consider.

Verlo has some good quality and value mattresses and as further food for thought … some of the better options I’m aware of in Memphis are listed in post #2 here. It may be worth calling some of these to see if they make or sell the types of mattresses you are interested based on your testing and whether they would provide a realistic option for you.


Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely be giving those places a call on Monday.

This mattress lists a 5 pound density. I was just curious if you would still shy away from it considering overstocks customer service/return policy…

And any info on comfort dreams? I tried doing a search and couldn’t find much info.

Hi Mikew096,

If the mattress matches the criteria that I listed in terms of quality/value and you know the details of all the layers then I would consider it in terms of it’s “value” yes. this means knowing the details of every layer (including foam density) and knowing that it used CertiPur certified materials or at the very least that the materials were made in North America. This would give you the ability to make better and more meaningful comparisons with other mattresses that used similar materials.

If these criteria were met … then the next most important thing would be your confidence that the mattress fit your needs and preferences. To know this you would be dependent on the knowledge and experience of the person selling the mattress and their ability to “match” you to one of their mattresses.

Without this … then you would have to actually order the mattress and use it in person to know how well it worked for you in which case the options you had available for returning the mattress and/or all the costs involved would play a significant role in whether I considered it. I would want to make sure I knew exactly what every cost would be if I decided to return it so that you had some idea of the risk involved in rolling the dice on an unknown mattress that may not be what you need and prefer.

Specifically …

Doesn’t list the specs of the support layer and doesn’t say anything about CertiPur (and the memory foam is manufactured in China so this would be important to me). You can see more comments about the Abbyson here.

Uses 4 lb memory foam (mid quality) and doesn’t disclose any information about the other layers.

Uses 2.5 lb to 4 lb memory foam and very cheap 1.4 and 1.5 lb base foam. No indication about the source of the foam or any certification. I wouldn’t consider this because of their use of low quality materials.

Comfort Dreams is a trademark of Foamex/FXI which is an American foam producer so CertiPur certification wouldn’t be as important to me in this case but the quality of the materials still needs to be known to make any reasonable assessments of quality/value and the indications are very strong that they use some low quality materials.

The Overstock return policy here also says that their mattresses are non returnable once you have signed for delivery (even if it is damaged) so you would be taking a very large risk in terms of knowing whether the mattress was suitable for you unless you were very confident in the skills and ability of the person you were talking to when you ordered. In my experience this type of experience and knowledge is rare to non-existent at Overstock.

No matter what the quality or value of a mattress may be (from super premium to the very “cheapest” available) … if you haven’t tested it and it turns out that it isn’t suitable for your needs and preferences … then it would have little value to you and any price you paid would have been too much IMO.


Just a question. You had mentioned that you would not recommend any mattress with over 2" of 3 lb density memory foam, but the Ultimate Dreams 11" Gel Memory Foam mattress by Dreamfoam (one of your recommended sellers) is comprised of 2.5" of 3lb?
It doesn’t mention any other layers, so I assume this is the top layer over the base layer? Is there another layer I am missing?
Your site has been a great help and I have been obsessed with it the last few days. I just noticed this number when I was trying to compare the lower priced models of each manufacturer.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi Fitz,

The guideline I use is no more than “around an inch or so” of lower quality/density foams in the comfort layers of a mattress. Once the thickness of low quality materials reaches 2" or more in the upper layers then I would be very cautious because it would likely be a “weak link” in terms of durability and I would avoid it if there were any better quality options available even if they cost more. In some cases budgets are so low that this may end up being unavoidable or a mattress may be for a very light person or a child or for temporary or occasional use. In terms of both quality and “value” it compares very well to the Tempurpedic Simplicity line which uses very similar quality materials in both the comfort and support layers (and only 2" of memory foam) but is twice as much.

People who are very light, very broke, need a mattress for a very short time or for occasional use still need to buy mattresses but I wouldn’t be one of them or recommend that someone else outside of these groups buy it unless there were no other realistic options available no matter who made it. While the “value” may be great (like all their mattresses) … it wouldn’t be high enough quality for me to consider or recommend except in exceptional or specific circumstances.


Thanks for the quick response. If I were in that category of wanting a queen sized bed under $500 for a vacation house (maybe sleep on it 30-60 days per year) and light weight users (wife and I weigh under 300lbs combined) just wondered about the following choices?


Hi Fitz,

In circumstances like this … a significant part of my choice would be based on the quality of the advice, information, guidance, and service I received from the retailer or manufacturer which would be the one of the most significant parts of the “value” of the purchase to me. This would increase the odds that I was making a choice that was suitable for my circumstances. I “value” who I buy from which for me is an important part of the “value” of a purchase.

Most manufacturers have comparable “value” across their product line and if one has much better value in more costly mattresses then it’s also fairly safe to assume that they also have better value in their lower priced mattresses as well because the margins and other factors and influences in their pricing would be similar across the entire lineup. This would also indicate that Dreamfoam was better “value” in the absence of more specific information.

I would still want to know the details of the layers whenever possible because there is even lower quality memory foam than 3 lbs gel memory foam and gel memory foams in general are more costly than regular memory foam.

This for me would rule the Serta out for lack of disclosure and because there is no way to make meaningful comparisons (unless you can find out the quality/density of their layers) except by extrapolation and because in general it’s safer to assume that all their mattresses are lower quality if many of them are. Besides it’s about $100 more and in this type of low budget range that’s a significant difference. If I was looking for something to compare with the Serta then I would probably look at this which is still $33 less and probably much better quality than the Serta.

The same would apply to the Sleep innovations. The equivalent quality is $50 less than the Sleep innovations and better quality is comparable in price ($20 more). The Sleep Innovations would be in the middle of the three and between the three there would be no comparison in terms of the quality and value of the information and guidance I received or the other criteria that are important parts of “value”.