dacron wrap for 6" latex matress?

Thanks for all the information and time you’ve put into this site. After reading and trying to figure out where and what to buy for my small rv couch bed- I settled on two 3" pieces of natural latex foam from the Spindle co in Acton , MA. It is basically the two layers they put into their 7" latex mattress cut down to fit in the rv. I took it to the upholsterer today and they were suggesting a thin dacron wrap so it would look less like a piece of foam- as it is also used as the couch. I am wondering about this impacting the ability of the foam to breathe given that it will already be wrapped in upholstery fabric. What do you think? Thanks Kathleen

Hi katealeen,

Dacron (AKA polyester) fiber is generally used in furniture cushions and glued to a piece of foam (often on just the top and bottom and visible edges) to fill in the cushion and stretch out the fabric and give it a more rounded and “finished” look that will keep the cover more taught and help it keep its appearance and shape. Being a fiber dacron is breathable but dacron/polyester doesn’t absorb moisture like natural fibers and can sleep warmer than natural fibers (although sleeping directly on latex can also sleep warmer than fibers). It would be similar to a polyester quilting layer that was part of a mattress cover. It will affect the “feel” of the mattress to some degree (depending on the type and thickness of the dacron) and give it a softer and less resilient surface compared to sleeping directly on the latex and will also have some affect on the ability of the latex to contour to your body shape.

Whether I would use it or not would depend on how important it was to have a more rounded and “cushion like” appearance when you were using the mattress as your couch or whether the “feel” of sleeping more directly on the latex was more important to you.