Dallas Ft. Worth Independent Retailer Review

So this is mainly a review for City Mattress (http://citymattressfactory.com/) and the royal jewel mattress I bought last week. I read a bunch of posts on this site before buying my mattress, and I found out about the smaller retailers in the dallas/ft. worth area here, so I figured i would add write my experience.

I was in the market for a sub $1000 mattress, preferably closer to $500. I visited Sleep Experts, but they are just a big name reseller, and they only had one floor model for under $700, and it felt like a trampoline. I also visited Mattress Land in East Plano, and they were alright. They had smaller name mattresses that were in my price range, like American Bedding/Corsicana. They knew a little about the mattresses, but no details, and they only had 1 model that could be taken that day, the rest required a week wait. I could have seen buying a mattress there, though.

I also called Sleep Craft in Lewisville. They sounded alright, but the quote for an inner spring with 2" (or maybe it was 3") of latex was $1200. And Mattress Factory in Ft. Worth sounded like the place to go if I was looking for a full latex mattress, but that would have been out of my price range.

So I ended up buying from City Mattress in Ft. Worth, where they make their own mattresses as Royal Sleep Products. Their showroom at their factory is not at all impressive. First off, it is down a dirt road off the freeway, and second the decor is out of the 70s/80s. But they have 20 or so mattresses you can try out, and there was a no-pressure atmosphere (I tried out several mattresses over 1/2 an hour with no one watching me. The salesman hung out at his desk). I thought I would want the innerspring with 2" of latex (Talalay I was told, 32 to 36 or something like that. The salesman, an older guy, was very knowlegable and pleasant) but it was too hard. I went with the 1" gel (memory foam) + 1" latex combo.

Mattress Review:
Comfort: 9/10 (Had for a week and sleeping better)
Quality: 7/10 (Some hanging threads, nothing major)
Delivery: 8/10 (They said they would give me a call 15 min before, but didn’t. Otherwise good)
Cost: 10/10 (Can’t beat the cost)
Showroom: 5/10 (Outdated, but not something I really care about)
Total (8/10 approximately)

Adding some more photos I took right after delivery. BTW, my old mattress was a Sherwood (lower end model) that I bought from Urban Mattress in Denver. They have an outlet in Dallas, and I thought of going there, but seeing as the mattress only lasted 4 years before getting soft in the middle, I though I should try something else.

This shows 3" of padding, which is what is supposed to be (1" latex, 1" gel, 1" padding). The line is at the top of the innerspring.

This shows the edge compression. I was worried about the springs being on the edge of the bed, but then I read about these ‘new’ inner springs, and that is how they are supposed to be. (ComfortCore (Fabric-Encased) - L&P Bedding Group) and then the quantum edge link.

Here is a hanging thread. There were 3 or 4 of these, all from the same inner stiching design. No biggie, but shows their final QC is lacking.

This image shows the outer covering being misaligned with the inner spring slightly. Not a big deal, but again, lack of finish.

These 2 images show my 35lb weight vest flat on the floor and then on the mattress. I get a lot more lumbar support now, which was a priority for me when selecting a mattress (b/c of back issues).

My receipt. They have a 10% off web coupon, and then delivery is $50 (so kind of like free delivery). $637 delivered and with tax is very good in my book.

Bed tags, again showing a lack of quality control.

End of matteress on my platform bed. I did not get a box spring, and I was told my platform bed would work just as well. My old mattress was only 10" high, this one is 12".

So final thoughts. They could have done a better job with the fit and finish, but not a big deal to me. The cover seems to be of high quality otherwise, and I am paying for the quality innerspring + 1" latex + 1" memory foam. After a week, my back feels better, and I find the mattress very comfortable. Might be a little too plush for some? All in all I am very happy with my purchase.

Hi howdy2u,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and feedback about your experiences and your purchase from City Mattress in Ft Worth … I appreciate it.

I appreciate the pictures as well.

Assuming that you checked to make sure that the foam layers meet the density and durability guidelines here it certainly sounds like you made a good quality/value choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Phoenix - Thanks for the reply. I am also curious about the specs, and I probably should have asked more before buying. I know for the 2" latex bed they have, the salesman told me it was ‘high’ density Talalay, which he said was between 32 and 36. And it was a very firm bed. I thought he said they used the same latex in the bed I bought. The memory foam they call ‘gel’. After browsing thru that link you posted, I see that it would be good to know where it comes from and the density as far as durabiltiy goes. No matter what, though, I was in desperate need of a new mattress, and I’m satisfied that I got a comfortable mattress, and hopefully a long lasting one. B)

Being the crazy bastich that I am, I cut open the side to see what was inside. Sure enough, there is 1" of blue memory foam (looking at videos online, it is the ‘gel infused kind’ and it compresses very easily) above the pocketed coils, and above that 1" of perforated latex (which compresses somewhat less easily). For the price, I seriously doubt it is top of the line foam and latex. But to my uneducated eyes it looks alright.

Hi howdy2u,

Ouch … I’m not so sure I would have cut open the mattress to find out what was in it since it may have voided the warranty and they may have told you if you asked them :slight_smile:

In terms of the materials in your mattress … any type of latex would be a durable material so the latex certainly wouldn’t be a durability issue. The quantum edge coil is also a good quality innerspring.

The gel memory foam is only an inch thick so even if it was a lower density memory foam (less than 4 lb density) if there isn’t more than “about an inch or so” or lower quality or “unknown” layers in a mattress then it wouldn’t be a weak link in the mattress in terms of durability.

Based on your description though your mattress also includes an additional inch of some kind of padding (which would likely be some type of fiber or quilting foam in the cover) so if the memory foam was less than 4 lb density AND the other 1" of padding materials were also lower quality/density materials that could also be subject to softening or breakdown then together they would be 2" which is the thickness where I would want to know the quality and durability of the materials because 2" of lower quality materials would be “on the edge” of being a weak link in a mattress.

Having said that … even if the memory foam and the additional padding were both in a lower quality/density range it would still be a better quality/value choice than most of the mainstream mattresses in the industry that are in a similar budget range.


Like I said, I can be a crazy bastich. :woohoo: Besides, I don’t know if I’ve ever used a warranty in my life. I might for a TV or something with complicated electronics, but that’s about it.