Damask cover quilted with .5" quiltable latex

Hi Phoenix,

I understand you recently constructed a DIY latex bed. Where did you find and purchase your “White Damask cover quilted with .5” quiltable latex and down substitute both sides"?

I’m searching for an economical solution for my DIY latex mattress encasement.

I purchased my layers from sleep ezy. Jodie was fantastic to deal with. So far so good. Question it seems hot at times. I did not think the Natural or blended latex was hot. Layers were Tallalay blended 3in soft and 3in Med and 3in dunlop idl 38 to 40. Could it be the pad or heavy cotten sheets. Thanks for response

we’ve had latex mattress for about ten yrs. It seems that the quilted top with wool started flattening within two or three weeks. The bed is still pretty good, but the “depressions” on the bed are not attractive. I want to know if we could avoid this getting a new bed with just a knitted or woven cover. I believe sleepez sells one.