Hi, I’ve been looking into this Groupon currently on and stumbled upon this gem of a site. Curious if anyone can help me out and tell me if is a good company with quality mattresses.


Hi abby33,

IMO … I would stay away from unless you can find out a LOT more information about them. Post #10 here has some guidelines which should help you when buying a memory foam mattress online.

Guideline #1 … They fail
Guideline #2 … They fail
Guideline #3 … They fail
Guideline #4 … Unknown.

In addition to all of this … their listed prices are outrageous and it looks like they are doing this to make discounted pricing look better than it really is.

“Real” mattress companies don’t need to advertise with companies like Groupon to make their mattresses look attractive and they have good value every day of the year.

In addition to this there have been some issues with Groupon itself (a quick search on the internet will turn up lots of links) and if you do decide to go in this direction (which I don’t recommend) I would make sure the company will honor the coupon.

There are too many warning signs and unanswered questions here and too many better choices to give them serious consideration IMO.


Haha, that pricing is a good trickster (The Brick cough cough). For an item that would only have been purchased because it was “too good to be true”, I appreciate your response and help in determining that is would be an unwise choice to pursue.


We purchased the nasafoam groupon, just wanted to say we like the mattress, it doesn’t have a harsh smell like other mattresses. the product is made in Canada and they don’t out source, i understand they don’t discount there products either. i have spoken to a groupon rep i understand this was too liquidate some overstock.

nasafoam has no plans of repeating their offer.

Hi lucyching,

Did you happen to ask about the density of their memory foam or base foam or whether it was CertiPur certified?

The odds are good that the memory foam is lower density (the warranty has a 2.5" exclusion which is more than normal in the industry and means that the warranty is pretty much useless).

With the groupon coupon at least the price you paid was less than their listed prices (which I still consider to be outrageous) and perhaps closer to their real value (depending on their foam densities).

I hope you enjoy your new mattress and if you did ask about the quality/density of the foam they use it would be great if you could let us know.


I would like to point out, NASAFOAM mattresses are made in Canada, HELLO! Canada Not china, secondly they only use Canadian made material, foam processes, this is why there mattress are odourless, they are cleaner or something as they dont smell like other memory foam mattresses. (go to a retailer and see for yourself)

we didnt purchase the groupon deal as this was there entree level product. but i will tell you our mattress came with a Total Warranty Program meaning if the mattress sags (even 1") within the warranty period they will replace the product.

the model we purchased has 2 pound base with a 3" 5 pound memoryfoam top. and it is a great mattress.:cheer:

Hi Rick6,

I don’t think anyone mentioned that they were made in China … did I miss something? :slight_smile:

The guidelines I mentioned in the post I linked are meant to be a way that people can make meaningful comparisons between different mattresses and to ensure that a manufacturer (or “mattress assembler”) is transparent about what is in their mattresses. To clarify … they are as follows …

Guideline #1 says that the material should be certified by CertiPur (and some Chinese foams are CertiPur certified) or at the very least be American made (and this should probably read North American made and I’ve changed it).

I don’t see anything on the site or the CertiPur website that the foam is tested and certified for harmful materials and offgassing. While this doesn’t mean that it is “harmful” … there is no way for a consumer to know for sure without this and there are many memory foam materials that are. Smell is not a reliable indicator of how safe a material is. They do say that the foam is Canadian made so at least the odds are higher that it is safe. Is the foam made by one of the foam manufacturers listed on the CertiPur site*?

ADMIN NOTE: *Removed 404 link|Archived Footprint: & replaced with latest CertiPUR list

Guideline #2 and #3 says that the density and layering information of the memory foam comfort layers and polyfoam support layers in the mattress should be listed.

Polyfoam and memory densities and layer thickness have a direct relationship to the quality and cost of the mattress and are necessary to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses. I don’t see this information on the site. Did I miss it?

Guideline #4 is about the suitability of different layering for different body types and sleeping positions and making sure that the memory foam is not too thick for a particular person and foam densities too low to provide good durability and value.

This is not really possible because the foam layering and the foam densities are not listed. If you are making a purchase online then this information is part of what can help you know how suitable a mattress may be for the particular needs and preferences of each person.

It seems to me that since you know the layering of your mattress that at least you had the foresight to follow some of the guidelines and suggestions you are complaining about and ask about the missing information on the site which is the reason for the guidelines in the first place. It would be much better if they were listed on the site itself. So you purchased a “basic” memory foam mattress which has a 3" layer of good quality memory foam (5 lb) and a good quality base layer (2 lb). At least with this information you are in a position that you can make comparisons to other basic memory foam mattresses in terms of value which is the whole point of the guidelines and the reasons for my comments in the first place.

Their “total warranty program” still says that a 2.5" impression is not considered a defect. It also says they don’t measure it so that probably means that if it “looks like” less than 2.5" it wouldn’t be covered. Do you have the 1" exclusion in writing?

So of course you are free to purchase whatever mattress you wish but the guidelines I mentioned are a valid way to check for quality and safety and make meaningful value comparisons between mattresses. If these types of more objective guidelines are not important to you or somehow upset you (and it seems they were because it seems you asked about them) then of course you are free to purchase a mattress using any guidelines that are but the comments I made originally (which said nothing about being made in China) are still valid. I would hope that any consumer that was considering them asked a lot more questions about the missing information on their site and also compared their mattresses to others of similar quality that are sold at lower prices than they have listed on their site so that they could make sure that the price they were paying was reasonable.