Denver-Boulder latex mattress purchase, or Urban Mattress in general, question

Anyone have experience with Urban Mattress in general or the Boulder store in particular?

They seem good. We are looking at the “Urban Organic” latex mattress that they told me is made in Arizona–I forgot the company name. So far we like the 6" firm core with 2" softer on top, as well as a less firm option that adds 2" of medium-soft (making 10" total). The store also said we could consider a split foundation–one side being totally firm slats “boxspring”, the other adding 2" layer of latex for a softer feel on that side (a different box spring for my wife). That way I could be on the 6-2 firmer option, whereas my wife’s side could have the additional 2" soft layer boxspring under her. The other option would be to go with a total 6" -2" - 2" and have it all be one firmness–this might work for me but it felt slightly soft. I am about 170#, 5’10", wife is about 110 and 5’3". We are athletes, but have also had back issues. I try to sleep on my back, am sometimes on my side. Wife is all over the place. We are retiring a 10+ year old simmons beautyrest (black label I think).

Both of the above layups end up costing the same through Urban Mattress–about $3400 for a King.

Any thoughts on the above 2 options, Urban Mattress, or their pricing?


Hi christoweb,

You can see my comments about them in the Denver/Boulder list in post #2 here and in many similar comments about them throughout the forum such as post #7 here. A forum search on “Urban Mattress” (you can just click the link) will also bring up more information and feedback about them as well.

Post #13 here has more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase that can help you make comparisons between mattresses. There are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved for anyone to know which mattress is the best match for you in terms of PPP based on specs (either yours or a mattress) or theory at a distance that can be more effective than your own careful and objective testing (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here) so I can’t tell you which one would be most suitable for you in terms of PPP but in terms of quality/durability all the layers are high quality and durable materials so there are certainly no weak links in the design.

As far as pricing this is also one part of value of course but it’s only one of many. You would be able to find other latex mattresses that were similar in terms of the raw materials and components at lower prices but they may have a different design so they may not be as suitable for you in terms of PPP or they may not match some of the other parts of your personal value equation that may be important to you so they may or may not be a “better value” purchase for you once you take all the many parts of the value of a mattress purchase into account. Once you have narrowed your choices down to your specific finalists that are all choices between “good and good” and if there are no clear winners between them then which of your final choices (see post #2 here) would be the best value for you would be a matter of “best judgement” based on all the objective, subjective, and intangible criteria that are most important to you.

Many of the online members here that are included in the list that is linked in the tutorial post sell latex mattresses that have different types and blends of latex in a wide range of designs, options, and features and can be useful reference points for “value” as well because the value of a mattress purchase always depends on how it compares to other specific mattresses and what is available to you that you are also considering.