Denver Mattress Doctor's Choice

What is your opinion of the plush and eurotop versions of the Doctor’s Choice line at Denver Mattress? Will they be prone to sag/hammock/body impressions?

Hi doxen,

I think that the Doctors Choice is good value and as they say on the site … they do use higher quality polyfoam than some mattresses that cost much more. 1.8 lb is considered to be high quality conventional polyfoam and while it is not in the same quality/durability range as latex or HR foam that is higher density yet and has a higher performance level … in this price range it is unusual to see it.

Having said that … like any other polyfoam or memory foam … it will have some softening in the first 90 says or so and I would tend towards the thinnest possible comfort layers that did the job. Foam thickness is also a big part of durability. If you look at some of the reviews (on this and other similar mattresses as well) you will see how many people were caught by the initial softening of polyfoam layers that were too thick and if they had made different choices they would probably still be inside their ideal range of comfort and support but instead they are outside of it quite quickly.

For this reason … I would still tend to avoid the softer and thicker pillowtop and eurotop versions unless I was confident that even with some foam softening I would still be in my ideal range of pressure relief and especially alignment/support in a year or so down the road. Foam softening in layers that are that thick can have a much bigger effect than foam softening in thinner layers. 1.8 lb will soften less and take longer to do so than lower density foam in the same thickness but it will still happen to a lesser degree and should be taken into account.

So overall I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this if I was in that budget range but I would be very careful about which option I chose and it’s suitability for my pressure relief and support needs both now and down the road and I would leave some room for softening … especially if I was choosing a thicker version.

Hope this helps.