Denver Mattress latex mattresses

Thanks you for all the helpful information on different types of mattresses. Your information has educated me and helped me focus on the Denver Mattress Aspen and Snowmass latex beds, but I have been unable to find the ILD rating for the Talalay latex layers in them. According to their specifications the Aspen has a 2" latex and 1" supersoft foam comfort layer, and a 4" latex over 4" of 1.8 lb. high resilient foam support layer. The Snowmass has a 1" 1.8 lb. high density foam quilt layer, 2" Talalay latex comfort layer, and 6" Talalay latex core over 2" 1.8 lb. high resilient foam. Do you know the ILD ratings for the different comfort and support layers for these mattresses?

I like the 6" Talalay latex core in the Snowmass, but from what I have read the 1" quilt layer of high density foam could be a problem. What do you think?

Thanks for you help!

Hi jfwfeis,

The specs for the Smowmass and the Aspen are in post #9 here.

I normally consider 1" of polyfoam in the upper layers (or quilting) to be “acceptable”. There’s not enough of it to create an impression issue and while it’s not ideal … it’s used to “adjust” the feel of the latex without having to use more expensive latex itself or to “fill out” the quilting to create a certain look or hand feel for the mattress. Once you get to about 2" of polyfoam in the upper layers … then there is enough to create potential issues (depending on the type of polyfoam) and also to significantly affect the performance of the latex as well.


Thank you so much for the quick and helpful response. I feel better about the quilt layer of polyfoam, and while I wish the Talalay latex core was a little firmer, I will probably buy the Snowmass. I really appreciate your efforts to demystify the mattress buying process. I feel more comfortable knowing what I am buying and hope it works out!