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First I want to say thank you for all of the information I have obtained from this site! I searched my area for something suitable in my price range without much luck. I have slept for many years on a Serta Perfect Sleeper double sided innerspring. I have back issues; and never wanted to try a new one until it was absolutely necessary. I know the mattress is too old to try to find anything matching it; so settled on a Doctors Choice Elite Plush from Denver Mattress. I was told it was an innerspring, and the medium choice that’s best for a side sleeper. Of course it felt pretty good in the store; so I bought it.
I have spent two nights on it and hate it. It starts off comfortably; but after a half hour or so, I have sank in and feel I’m being swallowed or trying to lay sideways in a hammock. I keep having to move to a different area and wake up with a backache. I typically don’t care for the foam mattress feel and didn’t think this mattress would be like that. Now I’m going to have to deal with an exchange and have lost all faith in my ability to pick the right one. Based on my description, do you think the Doctors Choice Elite firm would be more like the traditional mattress I’m accustom to; or should I move up to another more expensive brand they offer? I know you can’t choose for me; but thought based on materials, you might steer me in the right direction.


Hi G,

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having hammocking in your brand new mattress. That’s no good!

Would you mind sharing some of your stats (height, weight) so we can get a better idea of what you may be experiencing?

Is this a pillowtop? What is the comfort layer made of?

Does it still do this if you move it to the floor? Sometimes, the base is the culprit.

I think once we really get to the core of the problem it’ll be easier to make some suggestions!