Desperate for help - leaking waterbed

Got up this morning to learn husband’s waterbed is leaking. We’re in the backside of nowhere in southside Virginia, and in our 70s. He doesn’t want another waterbed - we’re too old to be dealing with it, obviously. Have not the best mattress stores available, and may have to settle for less than optimal since he can’t do without a bed for many days. Any recommendations for a good bed in a box, or an online seller who could get something delivered in a hurry and yet still end up with something worth sleeping on? No memory foam wanted! He is about 6’, weighs 210-220, a side sleeper, has sleep apnea, and says he doesn’t care what he gets - past experience tells me he’d care a lot sooner rather than later. We have a local Mattress Firm store and a Schewels and could order online depending on delivery time. I don’t have a clue what to do at the moment, so I’ll be thankful for any help.

Hi Clawdia.

Sorry to hear your bed has sprung a leak!

Most of our Trusted Members sell beds-in-boxes that are high quality and durable and the majority use latex, not memory foam! I’d recommend starting there.

If you’d like to buy from your local Mattress Firm, I’d keep our Mattress Shopping Guidelines and Durability Guidelines or if you have questions about a mattress local to you we are happy to evaluate and help!