Desperate to Find a Good Quality Cool (Not Hot) New Mattress

My husband wakes up many times a night because our 2-3" Tempur-pedic mattress pad makes him very hot. It never bothers me, though. Without the mattress pad, our older Posturepedic mattress is much too hard and uncomfortable. Anything Tempur-pedic is out for our new mattress, per Hubby. He wants firm with some kind of pillow-top and sleeps on his sides. I want something with more pillowing/softness.

I’ve tried the Sealy Optima in both their Radiance and Destiny. The firmer Destiny was not as comfortable for me. I felt it was too hard, as I am a side sleeper. Loved the medium-firm Radiance. I also tried both I-Comfort’s Insight and Prodigy. Same thing: I liked the medium-firm Prodigy better for comfort. Both are now on sale at our local Mattress Firms. Their warranty seems to be a good one. I have their brochure and it states that they will buy your mattress back for the full purchase price or you can trade it in for another up to 45 days after receiving it . After 45 days, you have remainder of the 100 days from date of purchase to return it and get 100% of your purchase price towards any other mattress they sell. Oh, and with this sale you also get the matching box springs free . . . although we all know that nothing is really “free”.

My husband has very limited free time available to go with me from store to store trying out mattresses, but is insistent that it not be another one that radiates body heat back at him. What I need to do is to find good quality mattresses for a decent price and then take him to try out just them.

Another question: My husband insists that these places will always drop their prices if you don’t cave in. That you need to bargain with them, even if the mattress is already on sale. Really???

Help! I’d appreciate any and all advice. Shopping for mattresses is almost as bad as shopping for a new car!

Have you thought about adding a wool mattress pad to your bed to regulate temps? If your bed is in otherwise good condition, that may be the way to go though I do wonder if the memory foam will respond the same way without as much body heat.

Agree on the idea of a wool pad or even a wool topper on top of the foam would help a lot.

Thank you both for the wool topper suggestion. If I can’t find a good mattress, I’ll try that but what we really need is a new mattress. The one we have now is about 15 years old.

Hi Lynn,

I’m sure that Phoenix will be happy to provide you a list of better mattress suppliers in your area if you provide your zip code. In the meantime, I’d recommend taking a look at some of the more informative articles about purchasing a mattress along the top navigation bar. There is A LOT of information on this site that you can review that can assist you in making an informed decision.

A fantastic article for starting out would be “Mattress shopping guidelines”. Another good article would be “Finding a great mattress outlet”. These articles and the other information on this site should help you start asking the right questions about purchasing a mattress.

:slight_smile: Goodluck, and don’t forget to report back with any reviews or reports while you’re researching, we’d love to hear your impressions!

Hi LynnNM,

I would second that you read the two articles that Coventry linked before you spend any more time trying to research any more mainstream mattresses or shopping in chain stores such as Mattress Firm (where there isn’t a single mattress I would buy by the way).

A mattress is only as good as the materials in it and shopping somewhere that can’t or won’t give you this information or shopping based on "fake sales) is a recipe for a poor quality and value mattress.

You can read a little more about the Optimum line in post #48 here but like all the major brand mattresses … I would tend to avoid any mattress where you can’t find out the quality of the materials in it or mattresses sold on “marketing stories” and techniques. It would be like buying a piece of furniture that had a nice veneer over particle board that was selling at “real wood prices” or where the manufacturer of the furniture wouldn’t tell you what the furniture was really made of.

As Coventry also mentioned … if you can provide the city you live or your zip code I’d be happy to let you know of any better manufacturers or retail stores in your area I know of.


Thank you so much for all the information. We live outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. Zipcode 87110, although anywhere in the city of Albuquerque or Rio Rancho would (even Santa Fe) would work for us.

Thanks! I’ll be checking out both of your links in just a minute. I really appreciate you taking the time.