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I tried out a Diamond Mattress Revive gel memory foam mattress at a local store and thought it was very comfortable. Do you know anything about it? thanks

Hi J9,

While I like some of the things that Diamond is doing and they seem to be very responsive to their dealers … they are not very good at all about answering questions that would fill in some of the “missing information” about their mattress construction and the quality/density of the materials they use. I have tried to call them 4 times along with others and they have never returned any phone calls.

The Revive Gel memory foam mattress has a lot of missing information in the description on their site and only has a very partial description of the materials in the mattress.

The Gel foam layer uses the beads or particles which I believe will make the base memory foam less durable (you can see the different types of gel memory foam in post #2 here. They also don’t list the density of the gel foam.

In addition to this … they use layers of polyfoam under the gel memory foam layers to change the feel of the different models and while they say this is high density … the actual density/quality information is missing so the high density description is meaningless.

In addition to this … they also use high density polyfoam in the base support layers and once again the density/quality of these layers is missing from the description.

The odds are good that the quality of these materials is at least as good or perhaps better than other similar mattresses in the same or even higher price ranges but without the specific information there is no way to know for sure.

A better retailer would phone the factory (they would want to know this information as much as a consumer who knows the importance of foam density) and because they are a retailer and not a consumer they would probably have better luck finding the specs than I have. Many retailers however will just tell you it’s “good quality” but once again without foam density information this is just marketing and has no basis in fact.

So overall while the odds are fairly good that it has better value than major brands in the same price range … it uses a type of gel memory foam that I would be wary of and there is too much missing information to be able to predict how well the mattress will hold up and remain close to it’s original comfort and support qualities in the long term.

I really wanted to like Diamond mattress because they fit the profile of the type of family owned long term manufacturer that is more transparent and uses higher quality materials and construction methods in every budget range than their bigger competitors but I have been disappointed by their lack of response to attempts to talk to them about some of the specifics.


Thank-you so much for your detailed answer.

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This is my first post on this forum. I have been reading the forums here and have learned a lot! Thanks, Phoenix, for all your time and hard work.

I thought I would add my own experience in trying to get specific information from Diamond Mattress. We want to purchase a 100% natural Talalay latex mattress, both for comfort and to avoid synthetic chemicals. We had tried out a Diamond 10" “plush” latex mattress at a local store. However, we wanted to make sure that it was 100% natural and not blended. The mattress in the shop had a name which was not on the Diamond Ethos website (must be branded especially for that store). Also, I read all of their information on their latex mattresses on their site, and they never seem to come out and explicitly state that their latex is 100% natural Talalay latex. They say things like “Talalay latex” and “100% Talalay latex”, which I have read can be used by companies to avoid letting consumers know that the latex is blended.

I called Diamond and asked who manufactured their latex, thinking that this was an easy question, since so many reputable online mattress retailers are very open about their vendors. I thought that this could help me figure out whether Diamond’s Talalay latex was all-natural, since, as far as I know, the only manufacturers of all-natural Talalay are Latex International and Radium; so if their answer was a different company, I would know their latex was blended. However, I was told that it was Diamond’s company policy to not disclose any vendor information to their customers. I told her that I found this very odd, since it was no big deal for other companies to give this information openly, but she insisted she could not tell me.

So I then asked whether the latex was all-natural or blended. She replied that it was 100% organic, and that I could know this was true because it was “Centipure” certified, and it would only be “Centipure” certified if it was 100% organic. She also told me that I could see all of their certifications on their website.

First of all, Diamond does not claim to use organic latex on their website, so I found her claim a little strange. (I also knew that very little latex is certified organic, and I later found out that the only certification for organic latex is the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).) I looked at their website and at first I could not find any certifications, and “Centipure” in Google didn’t have any results, so I called her back. She then looked it up and apologized, saying that the certification is “Certipur”, and telling me where I could find it on their site. I got off the phone, and sure enough, they had a long list of certifications. (By the way, GOLS was not one of them.) I clicked on Certipur, and read on Certipur’s website that their certification is specifically for polyurethane foam!! I’m not implying that the Ethos mattresses are made with polyurethane, but simply that the woman with whom I spoke obviously didn’t know what she was talking about, and that I still have no assurance that the latex in their mattress is all-natural.

So after carefully reading their website to no avail, and then being given either no information or misinformation over the phone, I decided to take my hard-earned dollars somewhere where I could be certain of what I was buying. We will probably purchase a mattress at Sleep E-Z, thanks in part to the information on this site.

Thanks again!

Hi bookworm,

The reply from Diamond is very odd considering that they are listed on the Latex International site as using their Talalay latex so it’s not as “proprietary” as the person you were talking to seems to think.

They do make quite a few house brands as well with different names.

There is also no “organic” Talalay latex made anywhere in the world … only Dunlop. As you mentioned their site is also a little misleading because all it says is 100% Talalay rather than 100% natural Talalay.

As you mentioned CertiPur is an organization that only certifies polyfoam and memory foam was put together by many of the foam manufacturers in North America. It tests for offgassing and harmful ingredients similar to Oeko-Tex (which is a similar certification but is more independent and is the certification used by both Talalay latex manufacturers and many Dunlop manufacturers as well).

Diamond says on their site that they use “natural” Talalay. Pure Latex Bliss (owned by Latex International) uses “natural” to mean blended Talalay and they call 100% natural talalay “all natural”. Talk about confusing … and misleading IMO.

Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experience :slight_smile: