Difference between all latex bed and latex with foam base?

I know it probaly will be a case of personal preference but will ask anyway.

I know the price is much different ,but or there any other big difference? Will the all latex last longer? Will I really be able to feel a difference in comfort?

Looking really hard at the the Dreamfoam eurotop mattress with latex on top and foam on bottom with one side of bed being more firm than the other,but wondering if I should spend extra money on all latex bed?

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Hi Pooswa,

Post #2 here along with post #2 here and post #4 here goes into more about the differences between a latex/polyfoam hybrid and an all latex mattress and some of the tradeoffs that may be involved and to perhaps give you a better sense of which you would prefer.

While I’ve seen people who didn’t notice any difference between an innerspring/latex hybrid, a polyfoam/latex hybrid, and an all latex mattress, I think it’s fairly safe to say that most people would be able to feel a difference in both feel and performance yes and there would also be some differences that were less obvious in the short term but more noticeable in the long term (such as the support in different sleeping positions and durability).

In the end … it would be a matter of preference as you mentioned but perhaps even more about the tradeoffs between the two different types of support layers and price and ideally testing both types of material combinations to see how much of a difference you can notice (and would be worth paying for).

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We are looking for a queen bed in Spokane, hopefully one that will last 7-10 years. We have tried some beds at NW bedding and Denver Mattress.

Is an inner spring with no HD foam and a latex top more durable than HD foam support with a mixed latex top? Is a full latex bed more durable than an innerspring with a latex top? (I have read the previous pages, I could just use a quick recap : )

We like the snowmass at denver mattress and it seems to be a good price. It has a support core of 6" talalay latex but I forgot to ask if it was all natural or blend. It has 2 inches 1.8 HD polyfoam in the support. The comfort layer 2" of latex and an inch of HD polyfoam. So it doesn’t sound to bad plus seems the price ($1700) seems to be pretty good for the amount of latex. Thoughts on this mattress?

At NW bedding we liked the carousel and the city lights. The Carousel has there “Enduracore” which is like 4-6 inches of a soy/polyfoam 1.8 HD, topped with some talalay latex. The price is about the same as the snowmass.
I am concerned about the durability of the HD base.

The latex support core beds at NW bedding get up in price for a queen to $2700 without base. It just seems a lot more expensive than the similar snowmass. Am I missing something?

Smashing : )

oh and just a quick plug for Twilight they were definitely the most knowledgeable about the mattress process. I would love to find our mattress there. They are closed for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Hi smashing,

I know you’ve seen this but for the sake of others who may be reading this thread the Spokane list is in post #2 here.

The weak link of a mattress is in the upper layers so the materials that are used there are the most important part of durability. If two mattresses have the same type, firmness, and thickness of latex on top then they would be very close to each other in durability because most higher quality support components will also be durable (whether it is an innerspring, latex, or polyfam).

I’m not sure what you mean by “mixed” latex comfort layers (mixed with what material?).

There are other factors involved in durability as well (see post #2 here) including the relative softness/firmness of the layers (softer materials are less durable than firmer layers of the same material). In some case if the comfort layers are thinner, then the support layers would come into play more as well (they would be repeatedly compressed more) and then their durability would also be a bigger factor.

So in the example you gave … if the comfort layers were the same type of latex and the same thickness and softness (and not really thin) then the innerspring version and the polyfoam version (assuming both were good quality) would be roughly equal although they would feel and perform differently (depending on the type of innerspring and the type of polyfoam).

The same would hold true for a latex support core. While good quality firm latex would be more durable than either an innerspring or polyfoam (if you were sleeping on it directly) … the “weakest link” would still be in the upper layers so their relative durability would be comparable (with the same type and thickness and firmness comfort layers) although again the feel and performance of the different versions would be different.

The Snowmass (and the Aspen) both use blended Talalay latex. I have often mentioned them in many places around the forum as being good quality and value. A search on “Snowmass” (you can just click this) will bring up many posts that mention it.

In my experience … NW Bedding makes good quality mattresses and they are “good people” but their value is not in the “best value” range. In this case the Snowmass would probably be better value given the greater latex content but the “value” of a mattress is not just in it’s cost and how it felt and performed in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and personal preferences) and in terms of all the other factors that are involved in “value” (see post #46 here) would also be important IMO. The Snowmass would be starting with a “value advantage” though if all the other factors are equal. How much the polyfoam base came into play would depend on the thickness of the latex over it.

Probably not, although they may contain some components or materials that are “extra” (such as wool or better ticking or other materials besides just the latex). While they are better value than many major brands … they do tend to be more than other smaller manufacturers.

I also think highly of them based on my conversations with Paul. I know they make a mattress with a 6" Dunlop latex core with a Talalay comfort layer that may well be worth looking at.