differences in dunlop latex depending on origins?

does dunlop latex differs in feel depending on country of origin?
one place has it only from india and I was thinking would it feel the same in comparable ILDs if it was from thailand?
This place has it only in medium and firm. I was looking for soft dunlop latex.

Hi richardb,

There will be some differences yes but they won’t be that significant if two versions of latex you are comparing are similar in type, blend, and firmness level.

I would focus much more on knowing the type of latex (Talalay or Dunlop) and on the blend of NR (natural rubber) and SBR (synthetic latex) in the materials than on the much more technical differences between different manufacturers or variations in the source of the latex. Firmness “ratings” will vary from place to place as well … especially with Dunlop latex (see post #6 here).

Working with a good manufacturer or reliable retailer is the most important part of making sure the materials in a mattress you or layer you are considering is good quality and your own local testing or a conversation with a reliable merchant (if you are buying online) that can help you relate the product they are selling to something you have tested is the most accurate way to know how soft or firm a particular layer may be because each person can have a very different definition of what feels soft, medium, or firm to them.