Differing pinhole sizes in different talaly global mattress topper, why?

I had ordered a replacement topper for my old full size 2" 100% natural talalay mattress topper (20-24 ILD). The new one arrived with the pinoles much bigger and the space between the holes much smaller. This is an issue as I have sensory problems and the big pinholes are driving me crazy and this new topper is causing me hip pain when the older one didn’t. I am told talalay global has been using the same mold for a while and that full size toppers are cut from a queen size piece of latex so I don’t know why they are different (The toppers are from two different distributors but both sourced from talalay global). I am trying to find where I can get one with the smaller holes and am unsure why the new one aggravates my hips so much, but talalay global isn’t getting back to me when I emailed them to try to figure out what was going on.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Hi Woolford13.

The edge-to-edge array of process mold pinholes that makes the curing process consistent has pins with a slightly conical shape. This means that the pinhole is slightly wider at the top and bottom of the resulting 6" latex slab. The finished slab coming from the mold at the end of the process, is cooled, washed is then cut according to desired thickness. A 6" slab can be cut in 3 x 2" layers. The top and bottom will have slightly wider pinholes and the middle one a little narrower which may account for the differences you are noticing.

Cutting the topper from a Queen should not affect the size of the pinhole nor the layer density. You may want to double-check on the layer ILD with your vendor and also make sure neither of the layers was sourced from Radium which may account for differences in density, and pinhole size (depending on the location of the cut).