Disclaimer/hold harmless/non disclosure document from Sealy

Curious if anyone has had to sign one of these regarding terms of a mattress warranty?

I’ve been through several warranty processes over the years and have yet to see this card pulled.

Hi TD-Max,

I talked with a friend of mine today who at one point sold Sealy and Stearns & Foster for 21 years. He told me that he had a couple of occasions where customers had to sign an agreement that there would be no further exchanges and that this was the “end of the road” but he has never heard of anyone having to sign a non disclosure.

Very curious!


The dealer claims that the rep made it sound like he had to “go to corporate” to get this passed and it was some major effort. There’s only 2 years left on warranty, but I guess considering I bought one and now own #3 they are probably realizing that they are losing money now. It’s a stationery/logo type document. I’m not really worried about non disclosure I won’t hesitate to steer anyone that I know away from these poorly constructed over priced products.