Ditch Mattress Pad?

Hubby finally pulled everything off our bed so I could see what it was as I can’t find the paperwork. Bought it in 2014 I think so we’re due for a new one.

It’s a Serta Perfect Sleeper “Auburn Falls” pillow top (but it’s attached so more like a Eurotop innerspring. 54% Polyurethane Foam, 30% Blended Cotton Batting, and 17% Polyester Fiber Batting. I assume the polyurethane foam means it has some memory foam in it? You’d never know it. It’s not a soft bed at all. We also have a “Restful Nights” mattress pad on it from Pacific Coast which is 100% Polyester Batting.

It’s a discontinued bed so there isn’t much on it, but it’s listed as “Firm/Medium” which explains why it’s too “hard” for me. Not great reviews. Lots of complaints about no pressure relief.

I also have a Sleep on Latex 19 ILD Dunlop topper. Should I take the mattress pad off and just have the topper on? I didn’t know if the polyester topper was restricting the “give” at all of the bed although there’s not much give to it to be honest. (We have the mattress pad under the topper).

Can’t wait to get rid of this thing. It’s in good shape, but I can see why a pillow top is a bad idea because. The only good thing is the materials have held up pretty well and there’s no sagging. It’s just not comfortable at all.

Ditch the old pad, but do not throw away. You may need it to experiment with. Unfortunately, for my wife, I keep everything if I think it will help me solve a future and even not yet known problem. The pad is probably worn down, flattened to oblivion, but if is was 3" when you first got it, and is 1" now, there is still room to use it for comparison purposes. Or use the stuffing and make a pillow.

Thanks. I don’t think it’s flattened much as it wasn’t very cushy to begin with as it’s only polyester batting (what was I thinking?). It would be useful to hold down the Dunlop topper though if I put the topper under it, I just didn’t know if the pad on top would negate some of the “Cush” of the topper.