DIY BUILD Latex Toppers questions

Hello ! Doing my first DIY, I already purchased two 8in quantum edge elite bolsas coils, and plan to add latex on top. We are only interested in latex, no foam or anything else.

Sleeper A - 6’3" 220lb side/stomach sleeper
Sleeper B- 5"4’ 130 back sleeper

I was thinking 2in Dunlop Firm and 2in Dunlop Med for the top. Or Med/soft 2" each.
Would this be too firm? Should we use tallalay? we both like firm overall though.


Hi Jtek,

Since firmness is quite subjective, it’s difficult for us to make a suggestion. When we make our firm 8" latex mattresses we use a 6" firm 40 ILD organic dunlop core and we add a 2" medium 30 ILD organic dunlop top layer. This Firm layering is best suited for back sleepers who prefer a firmer latex mattress but side sleepers may experience pressure points on hips and shoulders. I hope this helps and let us know what you decided to do,