DIY for lightweight side sleepers

I’m looking into building a soft latex mattress from Arizona Premium Mattress and I have some questions.

First our stats: 5’6" 135 lbs and 5’1" 110 lbs. Both side sleepers. I’m about to return a Purple 3 due to motion transfer issues.

So here’s what I’m considering. 3x 3" layers:

3" blended talalay 36 ILD as the base
3" blended talalay 19 ILD as transition
3" blended talalay 14 ILD as comfort
Bomboo Wool cover

I’m set on getting the 14 ILD as top layer. I really want something very soft for us, since we’re under 150 lbs and side sleepers. But I’m not set on the other transition layer. Which option makes more sense?

1)Replace 19 ILD for 28 ILD as transition. I was hoping for 24 ILD to mimic the Pure Talalay Bliss Beautiful.
2)Replace 19 ILD for 3" natural Dunlop Soft#19-22. That might be closer to the 24 ILD from the Bliss Beautiful?
3)Replace transition and base layer for 6" Dunlop Soft #24 or Medium#30?
3)Stick to original plan of 19 ILD, since we’re light enough and we’re looking for something ultra soft.

Last question. Would you guys be able to split all layers? I want to minimize motion transfer, as that is bugging us with Purple 3.


I posted this in the Arizona Premium forum, but got no response. Let me try here.

So I’m thinking about going DIY, king size 3x 3" latex layers, as follows:

3"topper blended tala ILD 14
3"dunlop soft ILD 19-22
3"dunlop firm ILD 34-38

Looking for very plush for good pressure relief on shoulders. Ordering king size split, with the intent to isolate motion transfer as much as possible.

Any thoughts?

Did you order your new mattress? I’m interested to know it is working for you.