DIY: Help making mattress more comfortable

Hey there,

A few years ago I decided to build my own king mattress, now I’m looking for the best way to make it less hard as I started feeling more uncomfortable lately.

So here is the current configuration of the mattress :

  • 2 inches latex 20 ILD (Soft)
  • 3 inches latex 30 ILD (Medium)
  • 6 inches foam 50 ILD, Density 2.8 (hard)

The mattress is pretty firm, feels great if I’m on my back, but not that great if I’m on my side. I’m a 190 pounds side sleeper.

I’m thinking about adding a softer foam layer between the base foam and the latex layer, something like 35 ILD 2.8 density. So the result would be something like this:

  • 2 inches latex 20 ILD (Soft)
  • 3 inches latex 30 ILD (Medium)
  • 3 inches foam 35 ILD (Medium) <— new layer
  • 6 inches foam 50 ILD, Density 2.8 (hard)

What do you think? I’m thinking about 3 inches because it seems like a good amount, but I have no clue.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi fromvega.

Wow! You’re already a seasoned DIYer :slight_smile: sorry to hear the configuration isn’t as comfortable as it once was. If I’m understanding right, is it feeling too firm when you’re on your side? Hence why you’re looking to add some softness?

I think 3" as a second transition layer may cause the opposite effect and become problematic in terms of alignment. Could you try swapping out the 30 ILD layer with a 3" layer of something like 28 ILD? Or potentially 2" 30 following by 2" 35?

There are a number of DIYers here on the forum with similar sleep stats to you. I’m hoping they’ll also chime in here with their personal experience and what has worked for them.