DIY hybrid build recommendation for light weight sleeper

I’m 5’9" and 125lbs male and am thinking of the following configuration for a DIY Queen hybrid mattress with no memory foam . Tried a memory foam topper on my current firm open spring mattress but always wake up with pain in the knees in the morning (strange!).

Will greatly appreciate any inputs and suggestions on the following configuration

8" Quantum Edge Elite coils from APM ($370 w. shipping)

2" of Medium/Soft High Resilience Foam from as the transition layer ($286)

1" of Soft High Resilience Foam from as the top layer ($140)

Any non-quilted cover (SLAB, Brentwood, sleepez, etc.)

A few questions:

Are there any other retailers that sell the 8" Quantum Edge Elite coil, besides Arizona Premium Mattress

Any there any cheaper alternatives to foamonline for durable foam for transition and the top comfort layers that can last 5-7years ? Foambymail is much cheaper, but not sure about the quality of their soft foams.

Hi Shakman01. I got my 8 inch quantum coil system from Latex Mattress Factory. The total (including shipping) was $350, and they arrived in about 7 days. Just make sure you call them and specify that you want the 8 inch coils, and not the 6 inch that they advertise on their website. They will also call you after you place your order to confirm everything.

I guess you are looking for all foam ( and not latex) for the transition and comfort layers? for foam purchases, I’ve considered “a1foamandfabrics” in California , but I’ve never purchased anything from there, so I can’t speak to the quality. It seems like they have a decent reputation though. You may want to search locally, too. Just a search in google maps of “polyurethane foam” may bring up some local retailers.

Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.

Oh… thanks so much. I did not realize Latex Mattress Factory sells 8" as well. Will reach out to them and will also check out “a1foamandfabrics”.
Also, please let me know what you think of the build I’m thinking of i.e. 1" and 2" HR polyfoam layers on 8" coils.

I am no expert by any means, so take my comment with a grain of salt :slight_smile: The build sounds good, though I am wondering if it might be too firm for you. I guess it would depend on the firmess of your transition layer. With only 1 inch of comfort, the dominant feel in your theoretical build will probably be coming from your transition layer. At your weight, my guess would be that you won’t be compressing the coil system much, so you won’t get much ‘contour’ from there.

For comparison, I am 182 lbs, and I also like sleeping on my side. Currently I’ve got 8 inch coils, 2 inch medium firm latex, and 2 inches memory foam over that, and that feels about right to me.

Maybe you could start with purchasing the 2 inches of your transition layer and the coils, and then try different things above that for the comfort layer (1 inch, 2 inch, and even 3 inch depending on the firmness of your transition layer) to see what works? To be able to do that and not spend too much money, you would need to be purchasing returnable components.

Have you considered latex at all? I wasn’t a big fan of dunlop latex but talalay feels pretty good to me.

Your personal stats for comparison are really helpful - thanks for sharing ! Based on this, I am now thinking of maybe 1" medium transition HR foam layer and use a 2" Energex (Comfort Option) medium soft as the comfort layer. It has an ILD of 13 (

Regarding latex, I do have a 2" soft dunlop topper from Sleep On Latex that I tried on latex on my current (and very firm) traditional spring mattress. It did not work me at all because even the ‘soft’ version of the latex has a very strong ‘pushback’ effect when laying on it that causes low grade ache in the arms and thighs. Plus, that jiggly wiggly feeling of latex is something I just could not get used to. LOL! Maybe talalay is different and worth trying.

I know exactly what you mean by “jiggly wiggly” :slight_smile: Talalay seems to have that too, but it has less pushbac and it’s more comforming . Though with memory foam over the latex , that jiggliness is dulled considerably and the latex feels like a good support material.

So just a thought: you could try the soft dunlop as a transition layer before purchasing a different material? It may help support your alignment, while your 1-2 inch comfort layer provides pressure relief. It could be worth a try and save you some $$.

Good luck!!

Good idea! Yes, as I already have the 2" SOL topper, I will first just try that on the Quantum coils and see how it feels. I can then order the comfort layer accordingly. Thanks for all your guidance! Will update on how it went.

I’m wondering how this co figuration worked out for you. I just bought 26 ILD as a transition layer over 8 inch coils. I want a medium soft mattress. This mattress has a quilted top and 1 inch memory foam. I’m 150 lbs.