DIY Hybrid: Do I need a metal “frame” for my pocket coils?

Hi, all.
It seems that a lot (most?) bedding companies put their layer of coils into what appears to be a metal “frame” — I would think that this component is helpful or even essential for keeping the layer of coils close together and in the exact size (e.g. King) intended. Yet in videos that I’ve seen online, I see that a number of people just put a raw layer of coils inside of a mattress encasement. Does anyone know where someone can buy one of these wire frames? Are they not helpful? Thank you.

I have come to find out that this is referred to as “border wire” or “edge wire”

The springs could never be rolled and compressed if it had border wire. That’s why the coils we use have extra coils on the edges to take the place of border wire yet maintain the ability to roll and compress. The only way you could purchase border wire is to find someone in your area who makes their own springs since there is no easy way to ship border wire.

Understood - and I have found a few upholstery suppliers who sell border wire.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t see how I’m going to be able to keep all the coils tightly together and with flat edges around all four sides of the perimeter unless I use this product before putting the coils into the encasement?

Thank you.

It hasn’t been a problem, that’s what the zippered cover is for. It keeps everything tight.