DIY latex cover suggestions for a cold sleeper

Sorry if this has been asked before… does anyone have any suggestions for the best mattress cover for a DIY latex mattress? We are putting together our mattress as we have the money (first getting a latex 3" topper to improve our current mattress…). What would be a good encasement for our “final product”? I see “plush” covers and then stretchy cotton covers… just for reference - I am a cold sleeper (at least for 3/4 of the night) and currently have a memory foam mattress and pillows. I have never been hot on the memory foam with just a velour cover and cheap mattress pad.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Bazinga,

Natural fibers such as wool are great for regulating temperature (in both directions) so I would probably consider either a cotton cover quilted with wool or a viscose/rayon cover (such as bamboo or a bamboo blend) quilted with wool. The better sources for zip mattress covers that include wool quilting I’m aware of are listed in the Topper/DIY component sources post here.


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[quote]Just use the same velour cover and cheap mattress pad, then. If you have never been hot on memory foam, you won’t be hot on latex. If you’re cold, then sleep under a comforter. I have the Foam Sweet Foam cover with wool, and it is nice but I do feel overpriced for what it is. It also shrunk more in the first wash than they seemed to indicate it would. The stretchy cotton cover is even more expensive, but I’m sure a quality product. I know which one you’re referring to there.

I guess I just think the pricing on accessories is a bit out of line in comparison to the actual mattresses. $200 for a pillow, $200 for a cover… It’s a bit unreasonable. Your 1/3 of the way in cost to an all natural latex mattress with quilted wool case at that point! So if you’re using something that’s cheap and effective - I say stick with it!! [/quote]

I would be very cautious about providing this type of advice without having more experience in the industry or more knowledge about the pros and cons of different materials and components and what you are suggesting would not be a particularly good idea.

The OP was asking about a mattress cover/ticking (not a protector which is what you have) and latex needs a good cover to protect it and prevent it from degrading prematurely.

Wool quilted covers can also help with both moisture and temperature regulation which can maintain a better sleeping microclimate and help improve the depth and quality of sleep. They are also an important part of the feel and performance of a mattress even though their importance is often underestimated by consumers that may not have a real understanding of their importance.

Suggestions are always welcome of course but it’s important to make sure that they are relevant to the question being asked (which in this case is about a mattress cover/ticking) and that they are based on accurate and factual information and not just on opinions that may only apply to your own criteria or preferences or based on using “cheap” materials that may not be suitable for the application they are being used for and which may end up costing more in the long run.


You’re right; I misread the OP’s question. Comments stricken. Also feel free to remove the previous posts. Apologies all around.