DIY Latex Hybrid Feedback

Hey all,

I’m wondering if you think my proposed DIY build (end of post) would provide more pressure relief than my current setup?

I’m currently sleeping on a full latex, all 3 inches, 19ILD Soft talalay, 28ILD medium dunlop, 38ILD firm dunlop. I believe the pressure relief is insufficient. Shoulder pain for myself, and pain in various places for my partner.

We’re both about 155lbs, 5’8. Average builds, younger, no medical conditions.

The proposed setup is:

  • 2 inches soft talalay
  • additional 2 inches soft talalay (maybe dunlop if im feeling cheap)
  • 8" Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa coils

Do you think this might provide more pressure relief than our current setup and stil help us maintain good alignment? I wasn’t sure if a 4" comfort layer might be too much? But maybe it’s OK with the coils beneath us?

I’m open to a 100% foam build if anyone has any better ideas too.

Also, does anyone have any idea as to how firm the coils are? How would they compare to a dunlop latex ILD? I know its not easily comparable, but just curious if anyone has a sense of that.

Thanks all!


I am no expert, just attempting something similar. In the stores it felt like the soft hybrids were softer but more supportive than the soft all latex, if that makes any sense. 4" of soft would probably be too soft for us and we liked the mediums of most of the hybrids in store.

Since dunlop of the same ILD can feel a little firmer to some people, maybe a middle layer of dunlop would be good, especially if you can find one with a little higher ILD like Sleep on Latex (20 ILD). It would give you a chance to switch around layers too for a different feel. Keep in mind I am getting caught up in the different ILD’s from the different stores to the point I can’t make a decision for myself.

Another option is if you are pretty sure you like most soft beds, you could start with 3" of soft talalay, see how you like it, then add on from there and get the cover last.

If we were going to do another foam build, I’d go with a 6" dunlop base, then a 3" medium layer, and a 2" or 3" soft layer.

Either way, good luck and post what you end up with.

Hey Otter,

Thanks for the response, gets the brain juices flowing.

That’s good to hear that you felt the hybrids felt softer than all-foam. I wonder if that’s how most people feel. Thank you for that input. I really need a bit more pressure relief,

I like your idea of waiting to buy the mattress cover until we’re done with the configuration, Ill definitely do that.

If we start with 3" of soft latex for the top of the coils to start, then based on the feel, we can then add some medium latex below it, or some softer latex above/below it as needed. But starting with that single 3" layer of soft might be a good place to start. I like the idea of building it in stages, That might be helpful for you too in your build, which I wish you luck with. And looking forward to hopefully hearing your dream build… What’s your weight/sleeping preference/height?

I believe SleepOnLatex sells a 1 inch soft dunlop topper that I might be able to use to soften things up just a touch if needed beyond the 3" soft topper… Though if the hybrid is already a bit softer and offers more pressure relief than my all-foam setup currently, I might not need it.

Good luck Otter!

Bumping this post in the hopes that others can read and provide some input as well. Thanks everyone.

I’m currently in the process of doing something similar to what you are thinking. I bought 15.5 gauge TPS springs, 1" HD Lux polyfoam, and a 3" SOL soft topper. I’m a little heavier at 175lbs and 90% side sleeper. With just the 3" of latex on top of the TPS springs it actually felt really good except my shoulder still needed more pressure relief. I was trying to stay away from memory foam but there was a 2" Serene foam topper on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond so I figured I’d give it a try for $100. Right now my configuration is 1" HD Lux - 8" 15.5 gauge TPS - 2" Serene foam - 3" SOL Soft. The serene foam definitely softened things up and shoulder pressure feels pretty good now but it might be a bit to soft in terms of support. I’m sleeping on the mattress for a least a week between changes so that I can properly test things out. If I decide it’s too soft my next test will probably be a 2" medium or soft latex layer instead of the serene foam.
Here’s a quote from the updated diy guide on reddit discussing transition layers -
"However, this layer plays another role that is not always appreciated or communicated by mattress companies. When used with pocket coils, the transition layer helps determine how firmly these coils are linked together. Put another way, if you put firm foam on a pocket coil, then the firm foam will link these pocket coils together rather firmly and impart a firm feel to the entire mattress. Similarly, if you have very soft foam over a pocket coil, this will allow for more conformance and create a much softer overall mattress. Thus, the interaction of the transition layer and pocket coil is one of the biggest determinants of overall firmness in a pocket coil design.

I call this the pseudohelical effect, as this foam is functioning similarly to the helical coils in a connected coil mattress. "
I believe this is super important to understand for building a hybrid mattress as that transition layer on your springs can have a big impact on overall firmness.

I think starting with just springs and one comfort layer is the best way to go about building your own hybrid, with the caveat that it will take more time and some methodical decision making based on what you can observe as you change things. It would also help if you can test things while having access to another bed incase things aren’t working out.

Based on your info I would do exactly as I have done with my own latex mattress - add another 2" of Soft Talalay.

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