DIY Latex Hybrid Mattress too soft, help with direction

So I built a DIY latex mattress after trying a Nolah Evolution 15 luxury firm mattress. I didn’t like the “dead” feel of that one and felt the layer under the pillowtop was too firm. I am 220lb combo side sleeper. 5’11".

I built it using the Ascension X1032 coils 6", 3" Medium Dunlop, 2" Soft Talalay, 12" Bamboo zip cover from Arizona PM. Initially it felt awesome, good shoulder relief for side sleeping, good support on the back. I always felt the coils were a bit too soft. Getting some lower back pain due to sinking in too far as things break in. If my 80lb dog sleeps in the bed, I sort of roll into her as if the mattress caves in a bit.

I tried a 3" Firm dunlop instead of the medium, but felt that was too stiff, not enough pressure relief near the surface.

I feel like the “deep” support from the mattress isn’t there, and my gut is saying the coils are too soft, which I’ve heard these Ascension ones are softer than the L&P Caliber Edge 6". How much softer I have no clue.

Any input between the Ascension x1032 6" and Caliber Edge 6"? Any way to get some better “deep” support to my mattress?

Hi zag300zx.

It’s never a bad thing to follow your gut. If you think it’s the coils, it might be the coils!

I was able to find that the Ascension X1032 inner coils are 16 gauge and the outer coils are 15 gauge and the LP coils are 13.75 gauge so they would be a bit firmer (the lower the gauge, the firmer the coil as you likely already know).

Have you considered doing a foam base instead of coils?