DIY Latex

I have sourced a 6" dunlop latex mattress, but I don’t think it will provide the right feel that I’m looking for on it’s own (price is only ~ $1,000). I am thinking of adding a 3-4" talay topper to this and I would like to know mechanically how to do so. Is it best to just plunk the topper down on top of the bottom layer and then put a pad on top of the topper? Should I try to put both pieces of latex in a new cover altogether? Is two hunks of latex plus a cover really all that’s in a quality all latex mattress or am I giving something up by going this route? Thanks very much in advance.


Can i asked where you sourced this from? From what I have read its absolutely ok to plunk one on top of another. I would put both pieces in a cover together.

Sure it’s from Dixie Foam Beds in NYC. Price was $1140 for the mattress only. I would still be curious to know if there are other components to a high-end latex mattress or if DIY in such a simple manner really is equivalent to a quality store-bought piece. Also, it sounds like I could use a suggestion on where to find a quality cover.

Hi MartinP,

There are two ways you could do this. If you have a finished mattress that already has a cover (or if you add a cover to just the base layer) then you can just add the topper so it sits right on top of the mattress.

If you have a latex base layer that doesn’t have a cover then you can buy a zip cover of the right thickness and put both layers in the same cover and zip it up.

The loose topper on top of the base mattress will act a little more independently and feel a little softer in most cases than the same layers all inside a tight fitting cover.

It depends entirely on the mattress. In some cases … the latex layers and the cover (which plays an important role in the feel and performance of the mattress as well) are all there is. In other cases there could be other additional layers or latex or other materials as well.

The key is that the combination of layers and components you choose are the right firmness and thickness so in combination with the type of cover you choose they are suitable for your specific needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) in all your sleeping positions. A mattress can be as simple as a single layer of one material to multiple layers of different materials, components, and construction methods depending on the design goals of the mattress.

Latex is a high quality, durable material so in terms of quality and durability it would certainly be the equivalent to a store bought mattress and in many cases would be much more durable if the mattress you were comparing it to used lower quality materials than the latex. In terms of the suitability or your design for your specific needs and preferences compared to another mattress (based on the combination of the type of latex, the thickness of each layer, the firmness of each layer, and the type of cover) … only your own testing or personal experience sleeping on the mattress can tell you this.

Post #4 here has several sources for covers. I would make sure that you have decided on the thickness of your final layering before you buy a cover because it needs to be the appropriate thickness for your layers.