DIY mattress for infant

We need a twin size mattress for my 1yr old to transition to from his crib (currently sleeping on a Newton breathable mattress). We’d be planning to put it into a Sprout floor bed for him to start to take naps on. He is ~26lbs, and though we lay him down on his back to sleep he now always flips onto his stomach.

I’ve read through other threads here, and think I’ve narrowed it down to a DIY build from APM:

  • 3” Medium All natural Dunlop
  • 3” Firm All natural Dunlop
  • 6” Organic cotton Zippered Mattress Cover

I looked at the soft/firm version of the ‘Latex Bed for kids’ but as his preference seems to be sleeping on his stomach, I was thinking that a medium layer would be better than the soft (though I’m not sure how much difference that makes given his weight). I know the added cost would also provide flexibility to switch a layer in the future (maybe to Talalay), or swap out the cover and add a comfort layer.

I saw in another thread that the cotton cover is flatter than the bamboo one, so it seems it would probably be more appropriate here.

There are a few questions that I couldn’t find answers for (apologies if I missed info somewhere):

  1. Are the DIY All natural Dunlop slabs the same latex that’s in the ‘Latex Bed for kids’ (Oeko Tex 100 certified)?

  2. Is there any info about the source of the wool in the Organic cotton cover? and if it’s treated with anything?

  3. As he is unavoidably a stomach sleeper, would coils be more breathable/a better option for him? (It didn’t look like Twin was available for DIY).

Thank you in advance!

We use Talalay latex for the kids beds. All of our latex is Oeko Tex 100 certified. Here is the link to our certifications page including our Joma Wool - Certifications, Latex Mattresses-Talalay and Dunlop, All Products,. Latex breathes very well on it’s own but a coil does breathe even better. Our Eco Sleep model is available in Twin size - Eco Sleep Hybrid Latex / Pocket Coil Mattress, Latex Mattresses-Talalay and Dunlop, All Products,

Thanks for the response and links!

Unfortunately, the Eco Sleep Hybrid would be too deep for the bed frame (they recommend a thickness of only 4-8 inches for a good fit, which limits things).

Is the Joma wool used in the * Organic cotton Zippered Mattress Cover? (It says ‘compressed natural wool’ so I wasn’t sure if it was different than what is in the bamboo cover).


Yes, just tighter stitching.

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