diy mattress input

Hey! Currently my husband and I are sleeping on a 4 year old cheap memory foam zinus mattress which has been fine for about 3 years but now both my husband an I are experiencing extreme lower back pain.

5’10" / 23.0 BMI / side + back sleeper
6’1" / 22.0 BMI / side+back+stomach sleeper

We can’t afford a latex base layer and I would prefer to not do coils so looks like poly foam is the best bet for that layer. Do you have any idea what the difference in mattress life longevity is between 1.8lb poly foam vs 2.8lb?

Option 1:
6" 2.8lb polyurethane foam - $297
2" 28ILD dunlop latex - $254
2" 4lb memory foam - $167
10" SOL Cover - $169
TOTAL = $887

My concern with this option is I’ve noticed I can feel the trapped heat on our current mattress but it’s not bad enough that we’re waking up sweating or anything like that.

Option 2:
6" 2.8lb polyurethane foam - $297
2" 28ILD dunlop latex - $254
2" 20ILD soft SOL dunlop latex - $235
10" SOL Cover - $169
TOTAL = $965

Wasn’t sure if I should do 28 or 30ILD latex for that second layer…

Option 3:
Another option I was considering is doing a poly foam / dunlop / memory foam / dunlop configuration with hopes of extending the life of the mattress since the latex would be on top vs memory foam. I’m not sure what density and thickness I would do for this option.

I tried to lay this out clearly and would love any and all advice anyone has to offer. Thank you!!

Hi noordinarypeople.

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Thanks for sharing your stats, some of your preferences, and proposed builds.

This varies between where the layer falls in the mattress, the sleeper atop the foam, activities on the mattress, etc. Generally speaking, the further the layer is away from your body, the longer it’s going to last.

This is ultimately going to come down to preference. Ultimately, you want this layer to “catch” you and prevent you from bottoming out into the base layer. As you both appear to have lighter sleeping profiles in terms of body weight, I think 28 is likely sufficient. I’d advise, though, that no matter where you get your various layers for your configuration that you double check the exchange policies in the event you want something firmer.

Would you want the dunlop closest to the polyfoam to act as a stabilizing foam? Really, if you’re purchasing durable foams from the get go, you probably wouldn’t need a thicker set up than your proposed set ups unless you’re finding you’re not getting the adequate support/comfort from your bed. I’d also be curious as to why you’d sandwich the memory foam between the latex.