DIY mattress layers

Hello, I’m trying to decide what layers would be best for me over an 8” combi zone coil. I’m 5’4 128lbs combo sleeper mostly back and elevated on adjustable base. I have back problems as well as tight chest needing balance of support and pressure relief without much push back in chest.

My current options I’m considering are:
3” medium titanflex. I’m wondering if I should get a transition layer of maybe 1” med Dunlop latex or not?

Or 2” med Dunlop and 2” serene foam

1in HD base layer under coils to soften springs?


Hi Eazy5x,
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I am sure @DLX has been fairly busy during this holiday sale time, so I will throw a couple of ideas out there.

You need a balance of support to maintain spinal alignment and pressure relief to reduce discomfort in your back and chest.

Since you have back problems and prefer minimal pushback in the chest area, you need materials that provide gentle contouring without being too firm or too soft.

Ensure the layers work well on an adjustable base without losing their structural integrity.

Let’s review the layers and their features.

3” Medium TitanFlex

The positive: TitanFlex is known for its responsive feel and good balance of support and pressure relief. A 3” layer would provide substantial cushioning.

Potential Down Side: It might be too soft or too thick, potentially causing misalignment or excess sinkage.

2” Medium Dunlop and 2” Serene Foam

The positive:

  • Medium Dunlop Latex: Offers a firmer feel with some bounce, providing support.
  • Serene Foam: Known for pressure relief and its ability to adapt to the body’s shape, it could be a good top layer to relieve chest tightness.

Potential Down Side: This combination provides a mix of support and pressure relief but might not be perfect if you prefer more conformity or less pushback.

1” HD Base Layer Under Coils

The positive: A high-density (HD) base layer can soften the feel of the springs and reduce firmness, potentially adding to overall comfort.

Potential Down Side: It might slightly reduce the supportiveness of the coils, which could be a concern if you need more back support.

Recommended Approach

Given your needs for support and pressure relief, I would recommend a combination that ensures you get both benefits without compromising one over the other. Here’s a suggested approach:

Suggested Layer Combination:

  1. 1” HD Base Layer Under Coils: To slightly soften the feel of the springs without losing the overall support.
  2. 2” Medium Dunlop Latex: For a supportive yet slightly bouncy layer that helps maintain spinal alignment.
  3. 2” Serene Foam: On top for pressure relief, contouring to your body’s shape, and reducing pushback in the chest area.

This combination should offer a balanced feel, maintaining enough support for your back while providing sufficient pressure relief for your chest. It also works well with an adjustable base, offering flexibility without losing structure.

This is just one recommended approach. There are combinations that you could create. Based on your preferences it is likely that this combination will be a comfortable one.

Perhaps you will get some other suggestions, but at least you have some food for thought.

Good luck,