DIY polyfoam-latex mattress encasement

I am thinking of diying above mentioned combination and curious if there are any en-casements i should avoid, some recommendations, options, etc…

Hi dadibones,

There are some sources of mattress covers in post #4 here (and there are more on Amazon and ebay as well along with other sources you could find with a google search) and if you talk with them they can tell you the specifics of each of the covers they sell. Outside of the fabrics you choose (generally natural fibers vs semi-synthetic fibers such as bamboo or synthetic fibers such as polyester) … the choice would generally be between unquilted covers that can allow you to feel more of the layers below them (particularly if they are a stretch knit) and covers that use some type of quilting that will contribute their own properties to the mattress and have more of an effect on the feel and performance of the mattress depending on the specific properties of the quilting material and the feel and design goals you are looking for.