DIY Sterns and Foster Coils

I got a Kirkland branded Sterns and Foster on clearance at the local mattress store. It felt ok for an hour or two, but then started giving me hip pain like crazy. Not returnable. I went ahead and cut off the pillow top - it’s down to 2" of foam covered by scrim, over coils. I throw a crappy low density (1.8 lb?) 3" memory foam topper on top, and I’m mostly ok. A little bit of back pain, I think from the 5" of low density foam.

I’m 6’4", 210 lbs. My greater trochanter sticks way out. I don’t mind a firm bed, I’m not sure why this one bothered my hip so much.

I’m thinking of cutting the rest of the foam off the coils, and throwing on 2" of dunlop latex from the foam factory. I can try that out with my 3" topper, and then decide what final comfort layer to replace the 3" soft topper with. Thoughts?