DIY tatami hybrid

For fun I created a diy essentia tatami hybrid today at almost half the retail cost. It was very comfortable. I bought the 2" essentia topper over a year ago and it was just sitting in the closet bc It didn’t work as a topper on the mattress I had at the time and they dont take returns on toppers. I bought the l&p 8" quantum edge elite bolsa coils and put the essentia topper over it and it felt amazing lots of airflow and slept very cool, good pressure relief without that stuck in the mud feel. I got rid of the l&p combi-zone coils I had last week bc I could feel the zoning even with several inches of talalay (soft to medium ilds) & it ws just uncomfortable to me . The real tatami hybrid does use zoned coils. Anyway at least I had a fun little project with the topper. My issue with essentia (and i know its been covered on the forum before) is that essentia does not advertise thier products properly. They put gols/ gots everywhere but that only applies to a small percentage of their materials/ components. I found that info out after I bought the topper. Like everyone else I don’t know if it’s a slow response latex or what( I remember reading a test report on this site that showed the “natural latex memory foam” had no latex in it at all lol) but i do believe it is low voc/ safe for use and it does feel very nice. That being said I do prefer the feel of talalay over the " natural latex memory foam".

Hi Mr yabo.

Thank you for sharing your DIY adventure with us and glad to hear you had fun with it!

It’s great you were able to use a topper you had previously purchased, and that it will now get to serve its purpose :slight_smile: instead of taking up closet space!


Thanks Phoenix:)