DIY - Twin Mattress for Guest BedRoom

hey all

i have a 2" and 3" 20ILD dunlop i’ve been evaluating for my other mattress, plan to keep one of them for this build

looking for a twin mattress in the guest bedroom, shooting for an ‘all around performer’, nothing too firm, nothing too soft to accommodate range of guests

i think my hesitation is that i’m unaware of truly how soft/firm the 35ILD foam is

*** OPTION 1 ***
2" dunlop from above
3" 35ILD 2.8LB (HD36HQ)
3" 50ILD 2.8 (LuxHQ)

comment: i like this combination since if i found too firm, i could just replace the 3" 50ILD with a 3" 35ILD in a cost effective manner

*** OPTION 2 ***
2" dunlop from above
6" 35ILD 2.8LB (HD36HQ)

*** OPTION 3 ***
3" dunlop from above
3" 35ILD 2.8LB (HD36HQ)
2" 50ILD 2.8 (LuxHQ)

*** OPTION 4 ***
3" dunlop from above
5" 35ILD 2.8LB (HD36HQ)


Hi datrumole.

Apologies for the delay in addressing your question about your twin mattress DIY for a guest bedroom.

It sounds like all around, you’ve got a good idea of what you want and how you’d like this mattress to feel for the differing needs of guests.

Firmness/softness ratings vary from one foam source to another… For example, at 40% compression testing ARPICO (Sri Lanka) Dunlop 31- 35 ILD is considered firm while the ECO Latex (Sri Lanka) Lalan 34 – 39 ILD Medium Firm and Mountain Top (USA) C3 USA 34 - 42 ILD firm again. There is also no consistency between different manufacturer’s ratings because all layers work together. How firm or soft it feels to any particular sleeper depends on the combination of layers or on the in-house mattress it is compared to. In most cases, because it’s so subjective and it is relative to each person’s perceptions. The firmness/softness ratings will be different based on your guests’ unique preferences, needs, and circumstances.
Generally, because all layers work together the combination 2" of 20 ILD with 3" 35 ILD latex on an extra-firm base would be considered medium-firm. A firmer transition layer could be a good choice for a “not too firm, not too soft” “'all-around performer”'. As you mention, replacing the 3’ 50 ILD base with on 35 ILD latex layer will “soften” the configuration if needed.

The differences between your four proposed configurations are subtle and, in the base layers furthest away from the body, it’s unlikely that a sleeper is going to detect a meaningful difference between, for example, options 3 and 4.

Options 1 and 3 give you a little more flexibility in terms of layers customization.


thanks for your thoughtful response

i’m an idiot however, i had hit a button after typing up my original thread and had to re-write it in a very rushed fashion and realized i wasn’t incredibly clear on using polyfoam as my base

i think however your recommendation still holds true, i’ll start with the individual layers so i can move them around as needed