I am trying to outreach them for a week now and no answer. Are they still in business and did they change their phone number.
I am interested in micro coil, any idea where else I can find it. Thank you

Hi lucymorcos,

Yes, they are very much in business, We’ll let them know that you are trying to reach them.
They had some issues with their phone system previously so I am guessing that is happening again. I emailed them and asked them to contact you at the email address you mentioned.
On another note, I’d recommend that you change your username you created on our forum to avoid your email address being harvested by spamming bots and your email added to their spam lists (Click your Profile tab to edit your username). Let me know if you need any help with this

You can purchase the microcoil from DIYmattress directly online. The order fulfillment is unhampered.

Good luck with your project!

Hi Lucy! is having some problems with the phones, but it should be fixed by the end of this week or early next week. To answer your question, though, we are not selling the micro coils right now, and I’m not sure of any other companies that sell them, I’m so sorry about that!