Do adjustable bed frames work for side sleepers?

I want to elevate the head of my bed to minimize GERD and don’t want to elevate the whole bed if possible. I prefer being able to elevate the bed during the night and then return it to level during the day.

My problem is that I’m a side sleeper and I question how comfortable elevating only the top half of a bed would be. Does any one have experience with this?

Is there an adjustable bed that raises the head AND lowers the legs at the same time?


Hi yosh,

An adjustable bed doesn’t work particularly well for side sleepers because it will tend to bend your hips and spine at an unnatural angle. While a very slight head elevation may be OK … it would probably be inviting pain or discomfort to elevate the head more than a very slight amount.

If you are a side sleeper and wish to elevate your head for conditions such as GERD then you would probably be better off to use an inclined sleeping system that allows the sleeping surface to remain flat but can incline the mattress so that the head is higher than the foot.

Some ways to do this would be by using bed risers under your bedframe with a higher riser at the head than at the foot, with a foam wedge over or under the mattress, with a slanted bedframe something like this, or with an motorized inclined bed something like this. There are also a few adjustable beds that have an additional motor that allow them to incline such as the Ascend and Elevation made by Glideaway which would give you the best of both worlds (an adjustable bed and an inclined bed).

There are some adjustable beds that allow for the head to be raised and the foot to be lowered like a lounge chair (such as this) but these don’t have a flat sleeping surface so they wouldn’t be suitable for sleeping on your side.
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There is also more about inclined sleeping in this topic and in this topic.


Thank you. This is very helpful.