Do I need new box springs?

Due to a mistake made by the mattress store, my mattress set has been improperly supported for a couple weeks. They are going to replace the mattress but not the box springs. They said that the box springs do not need to be replaced because they shouldn’t have been damaged. Is the store right or are they just trying to save money?

Thank you for any help that you can provide me!

Hi mattressadvice,

I’d probably need a few more details to give a reasonable answer.

  1. What kind of mattress do you have (inner spring, foam core etc)?

  2. What kind of foundation do you have (an “active” boxspring with actual springs or a semi flex or rigid non flex foundation)?

  3. What was the “problem with improper support” that led to the mattress replacement? (was it the “box spring” itself or was it a problem with support in a metal frame without center support or in a bedframe or “something else”)

While it would depend on the nature of the problem and an inspection of the box spring would likely show if it was damaged … my tendency would be to replace both if there was any chance of it being damaged, bent in a way that the surface wasn’t even, or having a sag or weak spot in the middle which would lead to the mattress following the sag as well.


Thank you for your reply!

  1. The mattress is an inner spring.

  2. It is listed as a “foundation.” My husband believes it has springs in it. It is very rigid on the outside and the salesman said the foundation consists of wood and steel.

  3. Our bed is older and has three wooden supports. We had ordered a metal support system but they delivered the wrong one so we have been using our wooden supports in the mean time. It took longer than expected so they are replacing our mattress since it was their mistake.

The store told me that while the mattress is currently improperly supported, the box springs are very rigid and won’t show any damage in just a few weeks. I don’t understand why a mattress can be damaged due to improper supports but the box springs will be fine. It just seems like weird logic… which is why I am here to understand better :slight_smile:

Hi mattressadvice,

This seems a little odd to me as well. If the foundation wasn’t sagging on top of the wooden supports … then why would the mattress be damaged? If the foundation was sagging enough to damage the mattress, then I would think that it could also be weakened. You probably have a flex foundation similar to this or perhaps one like this, both of which are a wire grid type that uses torsion springs rather than coil springs like this. Either way though … if the wooden base was sagging enough to cause damage to your mattress … then I would think that it would also be possible that the wooden base itself was weakened or damaged. I personally would be more comfortable replacing both if I was in your shoes unless they could demonstrate or explain to my satisfaction how the mattress damage could have occurred without affecting the foundation as well.

I can’t see your setup so I don’t know exactly what it looks like but it sounds a little strange to me as well.