DO Mattresses have different names?


Brand new here and in search of a new Mattress. We currently have a Kaymed Mattress now that we loved. However, it 17 years old and getting a bit saggy so we are searching for something similar.

Anyway, we went to Jordan and tried a lot. We did not like Tempurpedics as their foam just felt “different” then what we had… The one Mattress that we really liked was the Prana Thoreau. We didnt buy it yet because I want to make sure we are getting the right mattress as the right deal. Afterwards, I went on the Prana website and they dont even list the Thoreau. Matter of fact, I cant find that Mattress anywhere other than Jordans., So, I figured either that Mattress was specially made for Jordans or the more likely scenario is that it has a different name depending on what store you buy it from? Am I right, is the Thoreau named differently at different stores?
Thanks in advance.


Hey GCC,

Welcome to the TMU Forum :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey :slight_smile: ! Sounds like you both have enjoyed many years of faithful service from your lovely Kaymed Mattress and indeed, 17 years is a good run.

Good job on making store visits and mattress testing! From the Pranasleep web site, I did some checking on their “Store Locator” page and found that Jordan’s Furniture is one of their retail partners. It’s not unusual for a mattress manufacturer who sells direct to consumers to create exclusive programs for their retail partners, eliminating direct competition among the brand and the retail partner by offering unique model mattresses. In the case of PranaSleep, the Thoreau would be part of Jordan Furniture’s exclusive Prana offering and not available elsewhere. Hope this helps and good luck with your mattress shopping voyage :wink: .