Do you know anything about Gold Bond mattress out of Hartford CT?

Gold bond mattress? I have seen them in stores and they are made locally, any idea about them?

Yes made in Hartford since 1899 good company.

Joey Ashley
President- the organic bedroom

Hi Themattressman,

I agree with JoeyTOB which is why I will often list retail outlets that carry them in my various lists throughout the forum. They are an independent, privately owned, and multigenerational manufacturer. As JoeyTOB also mentioned … they are one of the oldest mattress companies in the country and they make some high quality mattresses using good materials. They are also a major manufacturer of futons. They are often better than average value as well depending on the outlet they are sold of course.

Like all mattresses … each of their models is only as good as the materials in it (and your ability to find out the materials will also depend on the retail outlet you are working with) and the knowledge and service of the retail outlet that you buy them from as well as the price is part of the value of a mattress as well. Choosing a mattress that is suitable for your needs and preferences regardless of it’s quality or price is also a big part of its value outside of the components and the price of the mattress itself.

They are certainly worth including in your research IMO if they are available in your area.