Does anyone know this mattress?

My partner and I stayed at an air b n b this past weekend and had the most comfortable sleep we’ve had in years!
My partner typically has back and hip pain in the morning but had none after sleeping on this magical cloud!
We took off the sheets to investigate what the make was but there was no tags or labels. We’ve tried googling and reverse image search and nothing has come up.
Does anyone know what this mattress is?

Hey Passportmattress,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Sometimes, mattress brands will offer themed limited edition collections and this particular one reminded me of a Louis Vuitton inspired Traveler’s type edition of mattress, but after researching earlier, there was no hint anywhere of what I had thought this could have been. Did you ask the air B n B owner for details about the mattress? Perhaps someone out there will recognize it and will be of more help. That is a lovely cover, I would be interested to learn more if your host has information.

Good luck on your research,