Does anyone know what mattress this might be?

For a while there was a very small boutique hotel chain called Sierra (I believe the whole chain was only eight hotels). They sold out to Hyatt just a few years ago. My husband and I were fortunate enough to stay at one a few times, and we just loved the mattresses. I should’ve thought to ask about them at the time, but of course I didn’t. I did find a press release online from when they installed the mattresses in all of their hotels. They called them “Magic Slumber” and stated that they were Sealy. The press release is here:

Does anyone know or can anyone tell from the information given what model mattress this might be?

Hi beckbjj,

A hotel mattress is generally built exclusively for the hotel and doesn’t have an exact equivalent in the manufacturers retail lineup but they are typically lower quality than their consumer mattresses in the same price range and then they add a bedding package (including a mattress pad or topper) that is often a big part of the reason for the “sleeping experience” that their guests like (or don’t). You can often find a “rough equivalent” to a hotel mattress if you know the manufacturer, the coil type and count, and the thickness of the mattress and this can allow you to find a rough match in their consumer lineup but in the case of the Sierra Suites mattress they didn’t provide any information about it and there would be no current equivalent because the current Sealy models are different from the ones they manufactured at the time. There is some information about the bedding package including their topper here.

There is more about hotel mattresses in general in post #3 here.