Does it really take 24-48 hours to regain form after shipping?

Hi drog,

I think the pad/topper that Maia linked would likely make a good choice for what you are looking for. It’s made by PureRest.

There is more information about wool pads/toppers and various sources in post #2 and 3 here (and a couple of other posts that are linked there as well) which may also be helpful.

Some of them are a little easier on the budget although wool in general is not an inexpensive material.


You know, I am tempted to buy one of the Natura seconds from Organic Sleep Products and decide later if I want something better. Phoenix is right in that it may take a while for the experience to stabilize and right now I can feel some muscles stretching that I don’t think have moved for decades (and were usually happy not moving at all). This has caused some burning and pain and I think it’s affecting how I am perceiving the feel of the mattress (why I can’t decide if it’s too soft or too firm). I think this is also the reason I thought the mattress was hot. I do want some protection for my bed because I can not keep my dog off of it no matter what I do (as soon as I leave she jumps on).

Having said that, is there a general rule of thumb on how deep you should sink in to the mattress to form the cradle? The cradle is something I’ve completely ignored in the past but now I find myself taking measurements.

Hi drog,

I think one of the Natura seconds would be a good idea because a protector is important, especially with a dog taking ownership of your mattress :). Natura makes good quality products which are normally fairly pricey but these are certainly good value assuming that there are no major flaws that would affect performance (which is unlikely).

I should have mentioned before too that the snugfleece with the polyester backing is washable (which is why they use the polyester). The one that is cotton backed needs to be drycleaned because the cotton backing will shrink if it’s washed. In another post today Will10025g linked to another wool fleece pad at overstock which may be an option as well although I don’t know the weight of the wool that’s in it.

How evenly you sink in to the mattress is more important than the depth of the cradle and some people prefer to be more “in” their mattress (and this is one of the reasons that some like memory foam) while some like to be more “on” their mattress. As long as the cradle is “enough” to redistribute weight and make sure there are no pressure points then more than that would be a matter of preference. Measuring the cradle depth really won’t tell you as much as the alignment of your spine and joints and as you mentioned is seems that there are muscles that are taking their time to loosen and come into a more “normal” alignment. I suspect that the wool may help as well because with a little bit of thickness it can add some surface softness under the pressure points but will also reduce the compression of softer latex underneath it which may be the combination of softness/firmness that “fits” what you are experiencing and may also ease the muscle tension.

There are a few toppers in the wool topper thread I linked (including the snugfleece) that have a money back guarantee which may make them worth considering as well.


Thanks again. After taking a ton of ibuprofen and clearing off my massage chair last night before going to bed, I must say my back is feeling much better and I feel like I got a good nights sleep last night (feeling very alert even without drinking a cup of espresso which I keep forgetting to make – something that is unheard of).

Will the wool pads increase the sensation of softness? I’m kind of scared to add any more. The bed is already plush enough. I guess I’m thinking of when I added the top layer from my old bed to the new one. I don’t think I sagged in to the mattress as much but at the same time it felt like there was way too much cushion.

I think I’m leaning toward the Natura Wash N Snuggle again. Should be easy to clean and care for (which is desirable since I own a dog).


I’m going on 2 weeks on our mattress and I believe its finally stabilizing. I’m finding that the past couple of nights, it has firmed up and now I’m hoping to get a mattress pad that will soften it up a bit. I was really surprised at how soft it was when we first got it but it really has firmed up.


Great. More confusion…

Hi drog,

Just to put some perspective on this … every person may feel the same thing differently but the “norm” would be that if anything a mattress tends to soften in the first few weeks and not “firm up”. Fibers (such as wool or cotton) can compress and lead to a mattress becoming firmer but they are not in the Ultimate Dreams so it is likely part of Searchingforsleep’s “adjustment” process in some way. Of course this is just as “real” for anyone who experiences this but is not likely to be connected to the mattress actually becoming firmer.


Ordered the Natura washable wool pad ($125 at Amazon). I believe it has about 10 ounces of wool per square yard (2.31 pounds total) so really not much at all, though shipping weight is over 6 pounds so it could have more. I doubt it will make much of a difference in the feel of the bed (and at this point, I think I just want some minor adjustments for pressure points and perhaps sinking in a bit less), but since I have a dog who likes to drool all over my bed during a thunder storm when I’m not home, I needed something that is washable.

I was hoping to find something in the 20 ounce per square yard range but that didn’t happen. Having a washable protector though will open up possibilities I’m comfortable with (non washable wool pads) should I decide need it.

Also, the lambs wool pad from overstock looked nice, but I’m afraid it would change the feel too much.

Hi drog,

I think the Natura, especially at that price, is a good choice for a protector and it should also firm up your mattress to some degree.

I hope you have a chance to give us your feedback when you receive it :slight_smile: