does latex foam "break in?"

Just under three months ago, I purchased Ikea’s Sultan Edsele latex mattress. I am now noticing that the center of the mattress, where I sleep, is softer than the sides, suggesting that the my body weight has softened the foam over these three months. Is it normal for latex to soften quickly from its’ new state? Will this effect taper off? I am afraid that it may no longer be firm enough for me if this continues and the end of the return period is near. I should also note that I can not rule out the possibility that the mattress was always like this, and I am only noticing it now.

Hi cz,

All foam materials and the cover as well will “break in” and soften to some degree (particularly in the areas where you sleep the most) but with latex this is less than other types of foam and ongoing softening will be less as well. The Ikea latex is of course not 100% natural but the NR percentage is 85% so this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s also possible that you have also gone though an initial “adjustment period” of getting used to the mattress and a new material and it’s not usual that a latex mattress feels softer after you have used it for a while (although of course this wouldn’t apply to just the center part of the mattress).

Once the initial break-in period has passed (in the range of 90 days or so) then further softening should be much slower over a much more extended period of time.

Because the Edsele is a thinner mattress … there’s also the possibility that the soft area could be connected to the foundation that is under the mattress so I would check this as well. (you could check the foundation to make sure it was even and rigid or test this by trying the mattress on the floor for a few nights to see if it made a difference).


The foundation can be ruled out as I already have the mattress on the floor.
Anyways, thanks for putting my mind at ease on this issue and thanks for the great site.

Hello CZ
I am considering the Sultan Edsele from IKEA. Since it has been a couple of months since your post, I’m wondering how it’s maintaining as far as too much ‘softening’ ? Also, which base are you using? I’d like to get a box spring to add height, but wonder if it will give proper support. Perhaps the wood slats on an IKEA bed frame is better? I wonder if both wood slats and a box spring can be used combined? Thanks for any feedback.

Hi needanewbed,

Unless it is a specific part of the design of a sleeping system … it would normally be better with a latex or any all foam mattress to use a more rigid non flexing foundation that didn’t have any springs for either height or proper support than it would be to use a box spring which is normally used under an innerspring mattress. You can read a bit more about box springs and foundations and the mattresses they each do best with in post #2 here.