Does some foam topping negate the benefits of an otherwise all latex mattress like heat and outgas?

We got interested in replacing our old mattress with latex mattresses on adjustable beds (split king). One reason is the latex that we tried felt good (even if they only had a latex layer). We were also enthusiastic about not having the heat discomfort and outgasing of memory foam. At this point we have three choices in mind. 1. Sleep Science Natural Latex from Costco, item 758431, 2. Natures Caress (from Costco/ Leggitt and Platt). 502167. 3. The Overton form Parklane (an Oregon local company). The Parklane has tthe advantage that we can feel it before buyng, but only has an exchange for a fee policy(no refunds) while either of the Costco ones have full, free returns if they don’t work for us. While trying to pick one we found that the Parklane and Natures Caress both have a layer of foam right under the cover. We wondered if that too away some of the benefits of the latex that we’re spending a lot of dollars to get. Question is, would a 1" layer of polyurethane foam make the mattress sleep hotter than one with all latex, or the Sleep Science one which has a layer of wool/fiber under the cover. Also will the environmental effects like outgassing and allergies be equal to or much smaller than the full memory foam mattresses tht we are trying to avoid. A Costco person told me that they have
the best ercord of non-returns with the Nature’s Caress- it is also two sided,one side firm one plush which could work well for the difference between us (split king by the way.). Natures caress also comes with DC frame and somwhat lower price than either one of the others. I mostly wonder if the Sleep Science being completely without foam would make it a better choice.

Hi bobheist,

The type of quilting layer used in a mattress (latex or otherwise) is really a matter of personal preference and isn’t a durability factor if it’s in the area of “around an inch or so” or less. It can have a positive or negative effect depending on the preferences of each person. There is more about the pros and cons of different types of quilting layers and unquilted covers in post #2 here and the posts it links to.

You can read my thoughts about a mattress purchase from Costco in post #4 here.

Most local retailers or manufacturers don’t have a refund policy but this is much less important when you can test the mattress in person and you know the quality of the materials … especially if there is an exchange policy that has many good options available (although both a refund and exchange policy are built in to the cost of a mattress purchase because the people who don’t exchange or refund pay for the ones who do).

I’m not sure which prices you are using but both the Caress and the Sleep Science are in higher budget ranges than other similar online mattress choices you have (some of which also have a good refund policy) and there are fewer options to fine tune the mattress after the purchase as well than you would have with a component mattress where layers can be rearranged or exchanged. Post #21 here includes the list of the members here that sell online and it includes a wide range of component latex mattresses that use a range of different types of latex and have many different features, choices, options, and price ranges (many of which are lower cost than both of the options you are considering).

The Sleep Science latex uses 9" of blended Talalay latex so you can use this as a reference for comparison. You can read more comments about it in post #2 here.

There is also more about the Costco Nature’s Caress latex mattress in post #4 here and for comparison purposes it uses 10" of blended Talalay latex.

The Parklane Overton uses 100% natural Talalay in the 6" core which is a more costly version of Talalay and is also significantly less than either of the Costco options you are considering.


Thank you for all the good info and comments. Just for clarification, You said that the Parklane is less costly than either of the Costco ones i listed. I may have caused some confusion by including the item number on the Costcos. The item numbers I mentioned are for combination sets of split king mattresses and adjustable frames. Each one is less expensive than any combination of mattresses and adjustable frames at the Parklane Factory owned stores.

Hi bobheist,

I always compare mattress only to mattress only because once you add anything else to the price that affects the cost it becomes impossible to make meaningful comparisons between the mattresses (which is the most important part of the purchase) because you can’t identify which part of the purchase price is for which piece.

An adjustable bed is more of a commodity and they all perform similar functions so one isn’t better than another in terms of their effect on how you sleep. They are something that you can purchase anywhere and make apples to apples comparisons based on the features and price of how just the adjustable beds compare.