Does the Avocado Green's button tufting bother you?

Hi! We are about to purchase a mattress and have narrowed it down to the Avocado Green with pillowtop or the Naturepedic EOS Cushion firm.

My question is that I have seen someone else here mention that the button tufting on the Avocado green mattress prevented then from laying comfortably on the mattress. Obviously everything is subjective, but has anyone else found the button tufting to be ‘too hard’ or irritating to them? Did it poke into your elbow or your hip and keep you awake? We already have a 2 inch Naturepedic mattress topper that we have been using for years, and plan on putting this on top of whatever mattress we buy, but I am concerned that even with the topper and maybe a mattress protector I might be setting myself up for a Princess and the Pea situation :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi friendlyfrog,

I can give you some feedback on tufts, as I offer mattresses that use them at my store and it’s a common question asked, but extremely rare for it to be a comfort issue.

Here’s a photo of the top of the type of tuft used by Avocado:

And here’s a photo of the tuft from below:

These tufts are different from the old metal upholstery-style buttons used previously in the industry and are quite unobtrusive. You can see there is only a very small piece of plastic used in them.

There are some people who are extremely sensitive on that Princess and the Pea scale, and they even complain that they can feel the quilting (stitching) on top of a mattress when it is new. In these extreme cases, I recommend a mattress that has some sort of a stretch-knit cover that does not use any sort of quilt panel, or placing a topper over the top of the mattress.

I’ve slept on mattresses using tufts and have never had an issue with them, but that’s me. If you were able to discern these tufts, it would be most noticeable when the item is new, as things do tend to soften up a bit over time with any mattress.

Overall, it really comes down to your personal testing, and I’ve found people who convince themselves even before trying a product that they will feel the tufts like marbles under their skin, so you would know better than I if this might be your situation. If you are placing your topper on top of this mattress, I think you’d be extremely hard pressed to be able to discern the tuft locations, but your mileage may vary.

Jeff Scheuer
Mattress To Go