Does the brand name matter when it comes to buying a mattress set?

Hello Friends,

I am buying a new bed for my new apartment and was wondering if it matters whether or not I buy a name brand from a store or would it be alright to buy a lower priced one on a random website. I am particularly looking for a Queen Euro top mattress set for under $600. Thanks for everyone’s answers in advance.

Thank You
Michael Bevan

Hi MichaelBevan,

A mattress is only as good as its components, materials, and construction and the label on the mattress has little to do with it’s quality, value or its suitability for you. I think that post #1 here and the links inside to much more information may help and will also give you some steps that can greatly improve your odds of finding the best possible mattress in your budget range that suits your needs and preferences.

“Eurotop” has little meaning except it describes a mattress that has a separate section added on the top of the mattress. A mattress without a Eurotop may feel identical to a Eurotop if it uses similar materials and layering. What is in the Eurotop and all the layers and components of a mattress … Eurotop or otherwise … is what makes all the difference. The goal is always to find a mattress that meets all your needs and preferences and the fact that a mattress is a Eurotop has little to nothing to do with how it may feel and perform for you (except to say it probably has thicker comfort layers than many other mattresses).