Does the density of latex determine the weight with latex?

I have purchased a queen size latex mattress in layers. Two of the 3" layers are split and the top one is full queen size. They aren’t marked as to which is firm, extra firm, medium etc. Can I weigh them to determine the density? Is that always a fool proof way to know the which is more dense?

I didn’t find the answer in the posts below. I just need to figure out which mattress is firm, med, or extra firm so I can make my bed. There is no ILD listed. Does pure Dunlop latex weigh more if it is firmer?

Hi Auntboo,

I’m not sure which posts you mean but if you are comparing the exact same type of latex then firmer layers will have a higher density (weight per volume) than softer versions so if your layers are the same size, thickness, and type of latex then the firmer layers will weigh more than the softer versions.

You should also be able to feel the difference between soft, medium, and firm or you could use a fairly heavy object and test each layer on the floor to see which one allows the object to sink in more.