Don't forget to ask for your "The Mattress Underground" forum member discount/bonus

From the point of view of a consumer looking for your perfect mattress, there are 3 ways that The Mattress Underground can benefit you.

The first of these is the information on the website itself which can help you determine what makes a great mattress and get past all the “stories” you will be told. It will help you get past “brand name” marketing which tends to have very limited information about the materials or the value of the mattress you are considering. Is it really worth paying twice as much for a mattress with certain materials when the same or better mattress with a different label is available at a much lower cost? The information here will help you answer this question.

The second of these is this mattress forum. Here is where you can ask your specific questions and get feedback that is based on real facts and information. This research is ongoing and no matter what mattress you may be considering, we will help with the research to find out what is known about it and what other options you may have. Part of this is also coming to know the type of mattress that is best suited for your own circumstances and preferences. I see so often people buying a mattress that seems to be “great” in the store but turns out to be not so great a few weeks or months later. Quality information and research along with your own “lay on mattress” experiences are an important part of long term satisfaction with what you buy.

Finally, The Mattress Underground includes a growing list of some of the best retailers and manufacturers in the industry who we have invited to be part of our membership. These manufacturers already represent some of the best quality/value in the mattress industry either locally or online and can provide you with a very high quality mattress at a good price and provide better value than most of the mainstream retailers or manufacturers in the industry for anything comparable in quality. By becoming a member here all of them have confirmed that they are happy to compete with the best in the industry in terms of their transparency, quality, value, and service.

These mattress manufacturers have also agreed to provide a 5% discount or a bonus to all members of The Mattress Underground forum who mention they are a member here when they are purchasing their mattress (outside of special sales that have a larger discount or specially discounted items)

How do you become a consumer member to qualify for this discount/bonus? Simple. Registration and a single post in our forum will do it. You are immediately recognized as a “member” of The Mattress Underground (your user name will have “member” under it) and the discounts or bonuses from all our retailer and manufacturing members are now available to you when you purchase your mattress … and all you have to do is ask.

Our goal is to do the research and raise the awareness of what really makes a great mattress that is perfect for your needs and budget and to help anyone find the best places in their area (or online) to purchase it.

We have come a long way since we began but there is a long way to go before we can really make an impact on the number of people who are buying either lower quality or poor value mattresses because of the advertising, fake sales, stories, or deceptive sales techniques and information they are exposed to by the manufacturers and retail outlets who are currently dominating the mattress industry.

Each new registration and post in this forum will not only help you personally but help everyone who follows in the journey to finding “the perfect mattress”.


Thank you for helping me to save $133.25 directly off the price of my mattress by purchasing from a manufacturer member of The Mattress Underground, and who knows how much more (a lot!) by helping me find a high-quality company with great service and value.

Hi LAsleeper,

That’s what I like to see … a good mattress, a good price, an extra discount, … and a happy customer :slight_smile:


We heard of Parklane Mattresses on this website. My family drove to 1.5 hrs to Portland to test mattresses. The sales folks told me that they don’t work on commission, so we elected to discuss the purchase options on the drive home.

The next day we tried to order a mattress via phone, and requested the 5% discount. Parklane told us that they aren’t doing the discount any more. Very disappointing …

Hi sjsoggy,

Actually that’s my mistake.

The manufacturing members here have a choice of providing either a 5% discount or a bonus (see the original post) to the members of the forum and while most choose the discount, some will choose the bonus. Parklane started with the discount and then several months ago let me know that they were changing it to a bonus that goes with a purchase of a mattress and I didn’t make the switch on the site.

The bonus/discount is meant as more of a “thank you” and of course doesn’t change that even without it the members here are among the best value mattresses in the country but it’s a nice “perk” for members of the forum and a way that they can support the goals of the site.

I’ll call them tomorrow just to confirm that everything is as it should be and change the listing on the site.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.



Thanks for all the information that you provide. I am an information hound when it comes to researching and I could not find anything even remotely as good as this website in terms of info about mattresses. I was afraid I was going to be stuck with the big S’s :gasp:

So i have decided to go try out Quality Sleep Shop in Lagrange, IL since I am near there. I noticed that there is a 5% discount listed under their other business mygreenmattress but is it still available for the regular mattresses at Quality Sleep Shop?

On a semi-related note. A sub-forum as a sort of roll call/introduction to the forum where people can introduce themselves and even note their current mattress (of distress?) would be a jovial way for people to interact. I know my first adult mattress is my current one that is a Thera-pedic Quantum that is about 6 years old. It is sagging pretty bad. It has been through a few moves and such so I do not even try to do the warranty on it. I bought it from a friend who was selling mattresses and he gave me a good deal at 20% off. Now that I am living with a sig other and she has back and joint issues it is time to get another mattress. I figure I want to get the most out of my money as well as support the independent local market when I can.

Thanks for the website and all that you do.

Hi elkypro,

Tim was one of the earlier members and when I asked him which site to list in the directory of members he suggested the My Green Mattress site. They are sister companies (actually My Green Mattress is a division of Quality Sleep Shop) and I have always treated them as one company in my recommendations. There have been been quite a few forum members who have purchased from both and there has never been a mention of the discount not being honored. Strangely enough though I have never asked him this specifically because my understanding from the beginning was that they were both included in the “best of the best” recommendations and until you asked nobody has brought it up as an issue :slight_smile:

If your experience indicates otherwise let us know.

I’d love to do several sub forums but at this point I am a one man show and wear many hats and adding other forums presents a few logistical issues that I haven’t yet made a final decision if the benefits outweigh the other issues involved. I’m currently working on several projects that involve additions to the site (and an upgrade of the Joomla and Kunena forum software needs to be worked through also that involves some rather challenging issues in the upgrade pathway that need to be completed first) but when these are done the odds are good that there will be several new sub forums and site additions added that are related to these ideas.

Once I work my way through these “projects” and decide on adding new sub forums (which at this point is likely) … then it would be an easy matter to add the one you’re suggesting as well.

Thanks for the suggestion … I appreciate it :slight_smile:


AZ Premium Mattress Company readily gave the credit

Thanks Ken and Phoenix

Hi robbiev3,

You received an “extra” bonus because the manufacturers are only “required” to give the credit on mattresses rather than accessories or toppers … but some of them may provide it on other products as well … so don’t tell them otherwise :slight_smile:


Oh terrific!!! Well I have given his name out a lot over the last few days.
Definitely an asset to the program.

This site is fantastically helpful, thanks!

Most every question I had about my new mattress purchase was answered here on the forums. What an awesome resource. Thanks Phoenix and everyone for your research, questions, knowledge, anecdotes, and advice. I just ordered the Ultimate Dream Mattress and can’t wait for it to arrive!


Hi Kenneth,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have a chance to share your feedback about the choices you made and how you like it when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


Hi Phoenix, thanks for this great resource. I feel really good going mattress shopping knowing the information on this site.

Hi dbison,

You’re very welcome … and if you have any questions along the way … feel free to post :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for creating this site, its been a great resource!! I haven’t boughten a mattress yet, but we are going to look at Parklane Mattress today to go test them out!! Had it not been for this site I would of never know that it’s by far better to buy locally.

-Mandy in Portland,Oregon

Hi Mandy,

I’m looking forward to your feedback. Parklane has some great choices available!


Phoenix ,
Thanks for your great site and your great member partners!
My family visited Joe Luhman and his Midwest Mattress stores in Des Moines last Friday while traversing Iowa from Omaha to Illinois, after learning on here on this site, and then learning even more from Joe and his store managers through many emails and telephone calls. We ended up buying side-by-side Twin XL Lester and Platt S-Cape Adjustables with the incredible new Restonic Rejuvenate (gel foam with a layer of latex at the support level) after demoing all three Restonic latex mattresses (very nice) and the three new Restonic gel foam offerings. Joe gave us 5 % off of the entire purchase, some addional discounts, free delivery and set up (we live 150 miles away), and he is a pleasure to do business with. Anyone who is in Omaha, Kansas City, Minneapolis or the Quad Cities of Iowa should be visiting. and talking to Joe (he offices out of the Urbandale store)!
The time can’t pass fast enough untill we get our new set, and thanks for all you do for great sleep!
Signed, Comfy Craig in Omaha

Hi Kelley,

Congratulations on your new sleeping system :slight_smile:

Thanks too for the feedback on your experience with Joe and Midwest Mattress. As you know i think very highly of him and the knowledge and service he provides to his customers … not to mention the value.

I hope you have a chance to let us know how you are enjoying your new system when you’ve had a chance to sleep on all of it for a while.

Thanks again for your report.


I totally agree with you phoenix. Before buying any mattress, one should go for proper investigation process about price and material and you can also save a big amount of money by just concerning 3 to 4 retailer before buying. So for the next time, definitely go for cross checking.