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@ Daprize

I am afraid that my first recommendation to you is to slow down a bit. Sales come and go and many of them are fake. if you make your purchase based on getting a good deal you are on the fastest route to select something inappropriate. Generally giving in to a sense of urgency because of a sale may do more harm than good as they are more about the illusion of saving money than they are about reality. While it’s not possible to make a blanket statement about sales because each retailer or manufacturer can be different, I would keep in mind that the better manufacturers and retailers don’t generally “negotiate” (see post #6 here ) or have “fake sales” based on the time of year or holidays (see the guidelines here and post #5 here ). While they may occasionally have sales with smaller discounts or sell floor models at a reduced price, I would treat retailers or manufacturers that negotiate their prices or have “major holiday sales” with huge discounts as a red flag because manufacturers or retailers that sell good quality/value mattresses don’t need to negotiate or have “fake sales” to create a false sense of urgency and they generally sell good quality/value mattresses every day of the year at prices that are already very reasonable. Some online manufacturers do have ongoing rotating “sales” that change their name but the specifics of the sale tend to be similar.

This being said the best way to help yourself and be helped on our site is listed in Post #1 here.

Best of luck with your mattress search.