Don't like Latex ...What to try next? Reputable Hybrid?

I wrote a thread back in the fall about replacing a 6 year latex mattress. We ended up buying a FloBed Vzone mattress. It was significantly more comfortable for me than our previous mattress (which I never liked), but now I’m starting to believe I’m just not a latex mattress lover. I like the Flobed OK, my husband loves it, and FloBed has been SUPER customer-service wise, so this is no reflection on them. Hands down, I’d recommend them to anyone in the market for a latex mattress. Four months later, however, I still have a LOT of neck and upper back pain that has been going on for over a year that I feel is partly related to my bed and/or pillow (I’ve tried lots of pillow permutations…I think there are 18 or 20 pillows residing somewhere in my bedroom either on the bed, floor or closet). I’ve been going to physical therapy for months (and my range of motion is improving) which helps, but still I feel like the bed is part of the problem because I wake up multiple times per night in pain. I typically sleep on my side, but I’ve been told to try sleep on my back though no matter how I’ve adjusted the Flobed vzone, it is way too painful to sleep that way for very long (maybe too soft for back sleeping). So I’m pretty sure I really want to try a non latex bed for a while. I think I just do not like the feel of latex. When I’m on my side, my shoulders eventually start to hurt, even though I have the softest vZone setup. The only other beds in our house are 100% latex as well, so there’s no way for me to try out my theory other than buy another mattress. We also need to buy one daughter a queen sized mattress anyhow, so we could give her the Flobed for now (she’s in a twin that is way too small for her). On top of the pain problem, I still have 50+year-old-woman heat issues with the latex bed even though I have a wool St. Dormeir mattress cover and cotton sheets with a light cotton blanket and light down comforter (that I usually throw off). My always-cold husband finds the Flobed to bed just right temperature-wise.

Here’s my question…what mattress should I try? I think I need something with coils, maybe microcoils too. Maybe a hybrid with non-latex foam? I know all memory foam will be too hot for me. I’m thinking about a non-latex hybrid like Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe or Sedona Elite. I’m a 130 lb 5-5 female with a narrow waist, and I need to be able to switch from my side to my back (when my back hurts) and back to my side (when my neck hurts). I was also thinking about Naturpedic’s non-latex organic with the microcoils, but I have read some recent experiences with those that made me think twice (plus, its more $ than we really want to spend). The closest place I could try out the popular hybrids like Brooklyn is a 2+ hour drive away, but I’m not sure making that trip is feasible anytime soon. So I think whatever I try has to have a reasonable return policy. I’ve even considered a local traditional mattress shop (they sell a few different encased coil spring mattresses for around $1000 for a queen), but they have a no return policy, so even though the mattress isn’t very expensive, I’d be stuck with it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Hello Elisam,

Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide a mattress recommendation at the moment as I’m away from home and can’t conduct the necessary research. However, FloBed mattresses typically offer the option to customize the comfort layer based on the mattress size. You can refer to the mattress layers diagram on FloBed’s website here.

If your husband is content with his side of the bed system, you might only need to adjust the comfort layer on your side rather than replacing the entire system, which could be premature. I suggest reaching out to @FloBeds to inquire about ordering a duplicate comfort layer, split (one side for your husband) and explore options for a non-latex comfort layer for your side, unless FloBeds can simply split the current comfort layer. Since the mattress is six years old, I would recommend just replacing your husbands side with the same comfort level that he has been satisfied thus far. Alternatively, you can consult with other Trusted Members here for recommendations on different comfort layer options for your side of the mattress.

I’m uncertain how the zoning effect on your side of the mattress contributes to the problems you’re experiencing. However, the team at DLX, known for their use of polyurethane HD foams in various mattress options, could provide insight into the effectiveness when used over the current latex support layer.

One crucial factor to consider might be the overall condition of the entire mattress system and how each layer is currently holding up.

As long as the heights are symmetrical, you should be able to find your comfort zone without issue.

Another aspect to consider is reassessing your pillows. Without meaning to trivialize, it’s possible that while you may have a variety of pillows, they might not be the right fit for you. Personally, it took me some time to curate my pillow collection Maverick Pillow Collection, and even then, I continue to seek improvement, even after creating my own.

You have more options than you might realize, and perhaps taking a step back to consider alternatives could offer a solution to this dilemma.

Best regards, Maverick

Sorry, I wasn’t clear about the current mattress: the Flobed vzone is only 4 months old, and it is already a split queen. So its all brand new top to bottom. We had a Berkeley Ergo (not zoned, but split queen) for 6 years before that. My husbands side needs nothing changed, and I’ve tried some modifications to my vzone (they sent me different pieces of latex to try to change the firmness). I’ve called FloBeds a few times and gotten advice about switching things up, and nothing I’ve tried has made much difference. I started with a plush vzone and then they sent me pieces to make firmer to a soft vzone. They were super responsive and helpful! We went the latex route because I wanted a non-toxic bed. I’m at the point now that I just don’t want to sleep on a latex mattress for a while because I want to see what the difference feels like. Since I need another bed for the house anyhow, I figure I could order one to try and my daughter/guest room can end up with which ever one I don’t like as much. Honestly my husband can sleep on anything so he really doesn’t care what I buy! I slept on innerspring mattresses for decades before buying these 2 latex mattress and never had the neck/back issues I have now (granted I was younger!).

I hear what you’re saying about pillows, and it could be true. I’ve read your article about all your pillows and found it interesting. I’ve done a lot of measuring and tinkering to figure out the distance between my head and the mattress, however, so I do think some of the pillows I own actually fill the gap correctly on my side. I have a Dr. Loth’s Spine Align pillow now that is comfortable when I sleep on my back, and a shredded latex pillow that is comfortable on my side (though I really dislike having to readjust shredded material pillows, which seems to always be the case).

Thanks for the input!


The same principles apply, though you might need to consider replacing half of the split queen top with another material. My mother-in-law’s DLX Premier mattress is a split queen, so perhaps you could inquire about purchasing a split queen comfort layer from @DLX, if available. While I’m uncertain if they offer such an option, it’s worth exploring. If the support provided by the FloBed is satisfactory and it’s the comfort layer causing the issue, this solution might address the problem.

However, before impulsively purchasing another mattress, it’s important to consider various factors.

I can attest that my mother-in-law adores her DLX Premier Hybrid. Although initially opting for a split queen with firm/medium firmness, it turns out she would have been content with an all-firm mattress; this preference wasn’t apparent beforehand as she was in no position to try it first. I chose this mattress for her as a result of @DLX being transparent with their materials and I spec’d it out on paper.

Combining polyurethane and latex in a single mattress isn’t uncommon. Typically, high-density foam serves as the support layer, while softer latex functions as the comfort layer, though there are no strict rules governing this. The key is effectiveness: if it works, it works.

Therefore, you still have several options to explore.


When considering the couple of mattresses you mentioned, the BB Aurora and Sedona, I must say I’m a fan of BB. I believe they offer well-crafted mattresses at a reasonable price point within the online mattress category. However, when comparing BB to the DLX, it’s evident that the DLX excels in terms of utilizing premium materials and foams. While BB remains one of the top contenders in the online mattress market, I no longer perceive them as just another “mom and pop” among the online retailers.

Hi Elisam,

Welcome, and it looks like you’ve already found some good advice here. I agree with everything Maverick is saying.

To add a couple suggestions: If you like latex, but do not want the shredded latex, it could be that you would like a wool-wrapped latex pillow. It would not shift as much. However, I hate to suggest adding another to what sounds like a good collection of pillows you already have!

Do you sleep with a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side? Many people find that helpful. It doesn’t need to be a body pillow, just another sleeping pillow.

Also, in terms of firmness - what is your mattress resting on? My husband needs a firm surface, and we actually put a board under ours (drilling holes so the latex could breathe). Something to try!

Finally, Naturepedic has the micro-coil option you mentioned—and it’s on sale now through the end of the month. If you have a place nearby to try it, that may be an option (although it sounds like you have read some not-so-great feedback on that option).

Good luck - and I hope you find a solution to the shoulder and upper back pain! You deserve to sleep well!

Katie for TCB

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Thanks Katie! I appreciate the ideas. Yes, I do sleep with a pillow between my knees on my side and under my knees on my back. My mattress is on a slatted wood foundation (closely spaced wide slats), but maybe making it firmer would help.

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Thanks for all the ideas, Maverick!